Bitcoin Fund Raising

By Adam Davis
Published Aug 9th, 2015
Bitcoin Fund Raising

As cryptocurrency grows stronger and gains adoption around the world, there is one medium that is greatly benefiting from a digital currency, and it might surprise you.

Fund raising and non-profit companies have experienced a spike in payments as Bitcoin has increased in popularity, simply due to the nature of the coin. With quicker and anonymous payments, Bitcoin users are more willing to make donations to non-profits that accept Bitcoin as well as to Bitcoin-related fund raising campaigns.

We recently donated to one of the leading Bitcoin fund raising services, BitGive, because they offered Bitcoin merch – and you know how much we love that!

There have been many new Bitcoin startups based around the idea of helping others and changing the world, and the nature of Bitcoin as a currency is very quick to facilitate that.

Have a look at this handy infographic to see how Bitcoin is changing the donation space: