ETH Reaches New ATH – Analysts Believe It Could Top $5000

Ether finally broke through its previous ATH, reaching $1,435.56 by 12:01 UTC. Now, Swedish cryptocurrency analyst… read more

Bitcoin Payments Made to Right-Wing Wallets Before U.S Capitol Riots

On December 8th 2020, someone deposited 28.15 Bitcoins, into 22 different cryptocurrency wallets – almost all… read more

Bitcoin Falls Most Since March 2020 – What’s Next?

2020, despite all of its faults, was good for Bitcoin. After a fairly consistent run up… read more

Major Investors And Ray Dalio Slam Bitcoin “Casino”

Heavyweight investors followed billionaire Ray Dalio in slamming Bitcoin – claiming that the token is in… read more

“Broken Tooth” – Casino, Crypto and Triad Stalwart – Is Sanctioned By US Feds

Wan “Broken Tooth” Kuok-koi, a well-known casino junket operator, traid, and crypto enthusiast,  has been sanctioned… read more

Bitcoin Climbs Above $19,000 – Heading to New All-Time High?

For the first time in nearly 3 years, Bitcoin has pushed above $19,000. The OG cryptocurrency… read more

Top 3 Coins That Have Outperformed Bitcoin This Year

It wasn’t the best start to the year for Bitcoin, but that wasn’t the case for every cryptocurrency. Let’s explore the top 3 coins that have outperformed Bitcoin this year.

Bitcoin’s Explosive Surge is Firing up the Bullish Sentiment

After what traders are dubbing the latest “Black Thursday”, 12 March saw categorical drops across all… read more

Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin Mistakes Are A Cautionary Tale

Noobs make mistakes with their coins all the time. Here are the lessons they can learn from Peter Schiff’s Bitcoin setback, and how they can enjoy the financial freedom that this asset endows them with

YouTube vs Crypto

YouTube’s ban of crypto content comes as no surprise, but the timing makes it worse. The platform decided to target cryptocurrency channels and content on Christmas

Crypto News Roundup: Cryptocurrency Act Of 2020

It seems that 2020 has a lot of cryptocurrency regulation in stock for the ommunity. What to expect and which stories you should follow? We have a short list here

News Roundup: Environmental Activism In The Cryptocurrency Space

Environmental activism in crypto, botnet mining through malaware and other interesting stories that made the headlines this week on our news roundup

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