louis CK accepts bitcoinNearly every day I write articles about a new company / medium / thing that accepts Bitcoin, but today we’ve moved from nouns to proper nouns with the latest breaking Bitcoin news. Brace yourselves, this is a wild one.

World famous comedian and actor Louis CK is now accepting Bitcoin.

louis ck website

Pay With BTC on Louis CK’s Website

That’s right, when you visit Louis’ site to buy audio from his previous shows, and presumably tickets to upcoming shows when he has more on tap, you can pay with Bitcoin using Bitpay’s payment service.

Okay, this is pretty awesome news. Obviously it’s great that you can buy food with Bitcoin. Then it was pretty awesome when we found out that you could buy movie tickets with cryptocurrency, but Louis CK stuff? That’s amazing.

If you’re not familiar with Louis CK he’s a comedian who also stars in a TV show called Louis. His comedy is definitely not NSFW but it’s amazing and I’m a huge fan (in case you didn’t realize by now). It’s definitely a good decision on his part because it opens up his merchandise to a whole other world of payment possibilities. And let’s be honest, in 2015 who is purchasing audio of comedy shows? Not me, but for $5 worth of BTC just to applaud the fact that he is accepting cryptocurrency – I might just do it. Four Louis’ sake, of course.

To get an idea of just how great Louis CK is, watch this clip (language NSFW):


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