With every passing day, it seems that Bitcoin is seeping further and deeper into the mainstream. People are living off of Bitcoin, you can buy nearly anything online with cryptocurrencies and now one of your favorite pastimes will be accepting Bitcoins: movies.

We’ve just received breaking news about the entrance of Bitcoins into the world of cinema, and being the huge movie buffs that we are, we couldn’t be more excited.

The Bitcoin payment will be possible thanks to Movietickets.com and GoCoin – a Bitcoin/Litecoin/Dogecoin payment service – and moviegoers will be able to use their cryptocurrency via Movietickets.com to watch movies at nearly 1,000 theatres across the US.

Film studio Open Road Films is using the new payment method from Movietickets.com to market and introduce the release of its latest indie comedy ‘Dope’. The film will be hitting theatres this coming Friday and will focus on Bitcoin as part of the plot.

Check out the trailer for ‘Dope’ right here:

Needless to say, it’s an exciting time to be alive after hearing about this news. Remember the first time you purchased movie tickets online or picked up your tickets at the theatre’s machine instead of waiting in line? This is the logical next step to automating the movie viewing process and helping it move to a more digital reality.


Buy tickets with Bitcoin on movietickets.com

When movie ticket sites and studio heads see the benefit of integrating Bitcoins, it’s a great sign for the cryptocurrency to take over another aspect of daily life. If you’re asking yourself ‘why not?’ in terms of Bitcoin being used to purchase movie tickets, why can’t that same feeling be applied to many other parts of daily life?

Feel like taking a girl to dinner and a movie with only a flash of your QR code? That sure sounds like a future I can get used to. When companies such as Movietickets.com help make our lives easier with Bitcoins, we begin to realize how cryptocurrency really is the future. Now, who’s getting the popcorn?


Adam Davis

Account and content manager at Bitcoin Chaser. I love writing, sports, and Bitcoin.

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