Bitcoin Casinos with No or Low Minimum Deposit

Bitcoin casino minimum deposits vary, but in general terms, they are smaller than the ones in fiat, thanks in part to Bitcoin’s ability to break down into smaller pieces than fiat.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Sep 4th, 2019
Updated Mar 28th, 2023
Bitcoin Casinos with No or Low Minimum Deposit

One of the best Bitcoin features is that it can be broken down beyond the usual second decimal point we are used to seeing on fiat. On the other hand, thanks to its deflationary nature, Bitcoin “cents” are now worth tens or hundreds of dollars. This means that being able to move further away from the second decimal point is advantageous especially as Bitcoin prices rise. It is also a great feature that Bitcoin casinos take advantage of. Bitcoin casino minimum deposits vary, but in general terms, they are smaller than the ones in fiat, thanks in part to Bitcoin’s ability to break down into smaller pieces than fiat.

How players benefit from low Bitcoin casino minimum deposits?

These low Bitcoin casino minimum deposits are incredibly beneficial for players and casinos alike. Players benefit from them because:

  • Low minimum deposits allow them to spread their money wider
  • They can play more with smaller amounts of money
  • They can spread their bets across multiple games, allowing them to manage their odds better
  • It lowers the threshold to try a brand out

Casinos benefit from low minimum deposits because:

  • It allows them to attract a wider audience
  • It makes them more competitive in the space, especially when they can drop the minimums beyond the third or fourth decimal points

The lowest Bitcoin casino minimum deposits

If you were considering playing at a traditional casino or at a Bitcoin casino, the benefits from low minimum deposits that Bitcoin casinos offer should have already helped you make your mind up. But if you want to go for the lowest of the low, where will you get the absolute lowest Bitcoin casino minimum deposits? We put together a list to show you where the floors are lower.

FortuneJack Casino: no minimum Bitcoin deposit

When you are looking for the lowest minimum deposit amounts, nothing is lower than having no minimum. That is FortuneJack’s philosophy, whatever you deposit in your account will be available for you to play with. The issue then becomes what are the minimum waging requirements, and that changes game to game.

[casino_list ids=”3058″]

A crowded field

After FortuneJack, there are quite a few Bitcoin casinos that accept low minimum deposits of 0.1 mBTC or 0.0001 BTC. Here are a few of those brands that will allow you to deposit this amount and play with it:

[casino_list ids=”1184, 34339, 3222, 4891, 36944″]

A little higher but still a good deal

There are other brands that require a slightly higher minimum deposit. To be precise, they require ten times as much as those listed above. Here is a list of Bitcoin casinos that allow you to deposit a minimum of 1 mBTC or 0.001 BTC:

[casino_list ids=”3411, 7987, 10426, 41444″]

Factors that influence low Bitcoin casino minimum deposits

These options basically allow you to deposit and play with the equivalent of a few dollars and depending on Bitcoin prices, even less than a dollar. Nevertheless, there are other limitations that might not allow you to take advantage of these extremely low minimum deposits. The main on is the cost of Bitcoin transactions. If the network is clogged and there are many transactions waiting in the mempool, then it might cost you a dollar to deposit a dollar. This makes the minimum deposit irrelevant.

Of course, that if you are not itching to play now, you could set your transaction fee to the lowest possible and wait for the transaction to get picked up by the miners. This might take up to a week, so you might want to make a larger deposit in any case and limit the amount of money you spin with. In any case, Bitcoin casinos will always have lower minimum deposits than fiat casinos because there is no intermediary and fees are bound to be significantly lower. So, just go ahead, pick one of the brands we recommended above, spin and win a huge price with your minimum deposit!


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