Thunderpick Partners with the*gameHERs for Esports Events

The partnership will put a spotlight on female gamers with streamed shows, tournaments, and more.

By Scarleth Gomez Mostar
Published Jan 11th, 2024
Thunderpick Partners with the*gameHERs for Esports Events

Cryptocurrency gambling site Thunderpick has launched a collaboration with the*gameHERs, the largest social networking community for women in gaming.

Thunderpick’s betting platform has long been esports-focused. In the last year they have created further ties to esports by hosting the CS:GO Thunderpick Championship and sponsoring the Evil Geniuses CS:GO team.

Thunderpick’s collaboration with the*gameHERs is another step in this direction and will span numerous initiatives, including tournaments and streamed events.

Thunderpick will join the*gameHERs’ weekly streamed show to bring fantasy picks, betting content, predictions, and game analysis from pros. They will also collaborate on a live-streamed series called the StreamHERs Creator Live Stream which will highlight female gamers.

Thunderpick FemaLED Pro-Am Tournament

Central to this partnership will be the Thunderpick FemaLED Pro-Am Tournament, an esports tournament aimed at spotlighting female-led teams. While the specific games for the tournament remain undisclosed, the commitment to featuring female esports professionals indicates a focused dedication to celebrating their skills and contributions.

Moreover, Thunderpick’s expressed commitment to expanding and influencing the female gaming landscape underscores the significance of diversity and inclusivity in the gaming world.

The partnership aims not only to provide unique opportunities for female gamers but also to serve as a catalyst for a more inclusive gaming environment.

Thunderpick and the*gameHERs’ joint efforts signify a commendable step in reshaping the esports landscape, highlighting the talents and potential of female gamers while fostering a more inclusive gaming community.

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