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Ethereum Movie Venture ICOThe Ethereum Movie Venture – or EMV – ICO was a success. It met its fundraising goals, and now it is moving ahead with its production and marketing goals. Ultimately, the people behind the project would like it to promote the adoption and use of Ethereum in general. If the Ethereum Movie Venture is successful, it might also pave the way for other ICOs to raise funds for other blockchain-based movies, in which the people can immediately own the movie and be part of the project.

Ethereum Movie Venture ICO to Fund The Pitts Family Circus

The idea behind owning the movie that you watch is simple. Once you buy an early bird ticket, you will be able to enjoy the movie plus the dividends from the tokens. The movie itself appeals to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and outsiders alike. This is an Ethereum movie and owning a ticket will yield a small dividend. That will draw the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The movie is about a family circus and what happens to that family when it stumbles upon an Ethereum hardware wallet, which may also appeal to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.


The Pitts Family Circus First Ethereum Movie

The Pitts Family Circus is the first Ethereum movie. Courtesy of the production team.


The producers have the goal of attracting the attention of people who are outsiders through the story. The Pitts Family Circus, like any circus, is about a quirky bunch who perform risky circus acts. The producers sustain that this is precisely what makes the cryptocurrency angle so attractive to outsiders. Like cryptocurrency investors, circus artists are risk takers. That is one of the methods that the producers of this Ethereum movie are using to bridge the gap between both worlds.

Ethereum Movie Concept and Mainstream Support

The concept has gained some traction with governments, which have pledged to support the endeavor. This support might help bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the rest of the world as well. In the meantime, it helped the movie producers raise more funds and start shooting the movie in Australia and Switzerland. The movie will be ready for viewers by the end of the year.


First Ethereum Movie Crew

The first Ethereum movie crew in front of a castle at a movie location. Courtesy of the production team.


A Successful ICO

For the time being, the Ethereum Movie Venture ICO managed to raise enough funds to cover the cost of production. This successful ICO raised a total of $1.8 million USD, and its native token, the EMV, is listed on 2 different cryptocurrency exchanges: and Ether.Delta. Now the Ethereum Movie Venture wants to move towards the third phase of its ICO. This phase entails the sale of early bird tickets to watch the movie. Ethereum Movie Venture will sell 20,000 early bird tickets, which will include 5 EMV tokens so that those early birds will be able to experience how Ethereum works.

These early bird tickets will complete the producers’ strategy to attract outsiders to the Ethereum project. The promise of a movie ticket that yields a dividend for 20 years, is appealing. Those dividends are an integral part of the smart contracts that govern the EMV token. 75% of the movie’s profits over the 20-year period after its release, will go directly towards paying the dividend.

More Ethereum Movies

If this business model garners the popular support that the producers are hoping for, it could pave the way for more Ethereum movie ventures as well. The producers will then be able to claim another great achievement, in terms of how movie productions are financed. This could encourage other small producers to launch their own Ethereum movie tokens under similar conditions. Anyone interested in being part of this stage of evolution in film making, should buy an early bird ticket. No matter how the small investment in this movie ticket goes, whoever gets involved will surely enjoy the tale of The Pitts Family Circus in any case.

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