crypto jewelleryWhat caused you to become a Bitcoin believer?

Crypto Jewellery: The answer is – total decentralization and the desire to change something in our world. The modern society is quickly developing and today’s mankind begin to realize that our planet is full of resources, but they are shared in a strange way: huge amount of money and power is hands of a particular group of people. The society has realized this problem, but couldn’t find the way out. And it was the time for bitcoin to arise. It’s a unique decentralized currency that is uncontrolled. No one can watch your transactions, no one can control the way your money is spent. Bitcoin gives you the desirable freedom, opportunity to control your life on your own.


What was the motivating factor to begin making cryptocurrency Jewellery?

Crypto Jewellery: The desire to develop bitcoin and its philosophy. We want people to find out more about Bitcoin and make them follow its ideas. We show that with the help of Bitcoin you can get a real product, in our case it’s a unique jewellery item made of either silver or gold decorated with diamonds. Wearing crypto jewellery people will show that they belong to the new epoch of social and economic development.


What was the most challenging part of the project?

Crypto Jewellery: Working on a project is a great pleasure because we realized that we can bring something new and unique to the development of our society. Of course, there occur some difficulties and they are mostly connected with the design of collection. Our team is trying to make a jewellery item that on one hand will show the main principles of the Bitcoin philosophy, and on the other hand will be a modern, unique, precious jewellery item that can become a part of someone collection. We hope our products will bare not only physical price as they are made of precious metals with diamonds. We believe that first of all our jewellery items will be bought due to their high philosophical meaning.


Where do you see Bitcoin in 5 years from now?

Crypto Jewellery: No one can predict the future. The only thing we can say for sure is that Bitcoin is developing fast. More and more people start believing in cryptocurrency. More and more stores beginning to accept Bitcoin as a paying currency, etc. If Bitcoin gains the top of its development, soon the price for one gallon of oil will be calculated not in dollars but in Bitcoins.


How has the acceptance of Bitcoin changed since you first opened?

Crypto Jewellery: Each day people realize the potential more and more. People begin to trust this currency and it will only change our world for the best.


What can we expect from Crypto Jewellery in the near future?

Crypto Jewellery: You can definitely expect our future development in the sphere of promotion of cryptocurrency. We are planning to produce new collections devoted both to Bitcoin and to other crypto currencies, too. We’ll have expensive and cheap collections for all the layers of our society, so that everyone could get a piece of Bitcoin philosophy. The only thing that is very important is that it doesn’t matter whether you are buying a cheap version or an expensive one, all our items will be of a limited quantity. The price will vary according to the metal used, amount of diamonds and the number of items produced in each collection (the less numbers are produced, the higher price it will be). So, everyone can become the owner of a unique collection.


Are there any promotions you would like our readers to know about?

Crypto Jewellery: Crypto Jewellery offers a number of promotions to our beloved clients. First is that when ordering our product you get it gifted wrapped with all carrying tools applied. While buying the entire collection you get a 20% off the price and a special storage box for it.



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