urbancJan Urbanec is the sales manager at Endorphina,  an online gambling games provider.


How did you get involved with Bitcoin?

Jan: For me personally it was during the time Bitcoin was just hovering around dollar parity and I saw it mentioned at liquidpoker.net community forum as a currency for a low rake community funded poker network.


With Bitcoin starting to become mainstream, which Bitcoin site(s) do you find yourself spending the most time on?

Jan: Unsurprisingly it is bitcointalk.org and reddit.com/r/Bitcoin. I also spend a lot of time on many different BTC casinos and affiliate sites, but that is mostly because my job demands it.


How does your casino software set you apart from other Bitcoin software providers?

Jan: It is hard to say because there is no dedicated gaming studio just for slot games in the Bitcoin community. Our aim is to bring the players AAA+ games that are standard in a fiat casino environment and let them play in Bitcoin.
Maybe the question is how we set apart from standard software providers – by tapping into the Bitcoin market.


Do you think Bitcoin is the future of gambling, or do you think that gambling is the future of Bitcoin?

Jan: I think Bitcoin is the present reality of gambling and gambling is only a small part of the future of Bitcoin.


How do you think your software and games compare to fiat based casinos?

Jan: Our games are made to go head to head with the best in the industry, no matter what currency the player is using. At the end of the day players are attracted by gameplay and the experience they have during playing. The option to play in Bitcoins is a convenience, but not the main selling point.


What challenges have you faced in regards to Bitcoins and how have you solved them?

Jan: Some fiat currency exchange accounting issues was the biggest challenge I can think of. However it was nothing more than a short term hiccup.


What do you think about alternative cryptocurrencies? Have you considered accepting additional ones?

Jan: Not at this point, my view is that the alternative currencies are a great laboratory to test new ideas, but they are immature and did not go through the rough process that Bitcoin had from birth to early mainstream.


Where do you see Bitcoin in 5 years from now?

Jan: As the currency of the Internet, with the rise of digital products selling online I feel that digital currencies are a great fit and make sense for people that are not so tech savvy. Of course, they still need to be able to purchase bread in their own fiat money, but if they have association with internet business = Bitcoin, then the mainstream adoption has been achieved.



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