Interview with Vertex CEO Alessandro Pecorelli on their ICO Aftermarket

5 Jul, 2018 | Bitcoin Chaser

Vertex is launching an ICO aftermarket that will allow people to buy into the ICOs that have the best chance of succeeding. We caught up with Vertex CEO Alessandro Pecorelli to ask him a few questions.

Interview With Ubex

24 May, 2018 | Bitcoin Chaser

Update – 13 August 2018 Ubex have extended the token sale period until September 30. For more information, visit Ubex’s Telegream...

Interview with LeadCoin founder Shmulik Grizim

11 Feb, 2018 | Bitcoin Chaser

Bitcoin Chaser: A B2B coin such as LeadCoin is an interesting choice to solve the problem of matching internet traffic with what it is looking for....

Interview With Mark Bern

14 Jan, 2018 | Bitcoin Chaser

Mark Bern is a prominent digital artist who started using Bitcoin to sell his artwork in 2012. Bern got started with his digital art projects using a Comodore 64, and has been progressing into 3-D printed art and more ever since.

Interview With The Peerity ICO Team Aiming To Revolutionize Social Media

31 Oct, 2017 | Bitcoin Chaser

With less than a day to go for its ICO launch, we interviewed the Peerity team to learn more about their project. In the evolution from web 2.0,...

Interview With Frederick Pye CEO Of 3iQ Corp

24 Oct, 2017 | Steven Gleiser

As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grow in acceptance and market cap, more institutional investors join the market through their own investment...

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