Valorant Crypto Throwing Continues to Torment

Explore how crypto throwing in the eSports game, Valorant, continues to disrupt the gaming and gambling industry.

By Jade Kyra
Published Jun 9th, 2023
Updated Aug 28th, 2023
Valorant Crypto Throwing Continues to Torment

Valorant is a well-loved game in the esports industry, filled with guns and abilities that make it more enjoyable to play and watch. And even more interesting to bet on. 

There is a lot of skill, strategies, and hard work that goes into winning a Valorant game, especially amongst the ranked players. But all logic was thrown out the window when crypto-throwing entered the chat. In essence, crypto throwing is a tool utilized by players who want to make money. These players go to online betting sites and bet against their team, and then throw the match to make some money. We cover all of this in a previous Valorant crypto throwing article. We had hoped the situation would get better and Riot would step up, but things have seemed to only get worse. 

Twitter user and Valorant player @tdwaggVAL was among the first streamers to bring to light the issues of crypto throwing and the discords that were forming around them. And while this form of match-fixing in esports is somewhat new, it has now joined forces with stream snipers. 

Stream snipers are paid to throw the game if they are on the same team or to kill the streamer and win if they are on the opposing team. Bounties are being set and paid in crypto. The whole controversy comes down to a bot that can reveal the hidden names of streamers in their discord. It can then open up their stream for you to view, and with the visual aid, make it easier for you to find and kill them.

Not only does this pose a risk to players who are trying to increase or maintain their rank, but also to the gambling industry as a whole. Betting against a strong team provides better odds, because it’s unlikely they will lose, so crypto throwers have an advantage of getting more money. This would put all bettors who made logical and well-thought-out bets to lose their cash. This has been an ongoing and growing issue not just in Valorant, but the entirety of the esports industry. 

If this continues, we will see less skillful players in higher ranks and we may even ultimately see some of our favorite streamers and esports players dropping out. Imagine every game you play you are just constantly being shot at regardless of where you are or how well hidden you are. It can be frustrating and we understand why players have had enough. As for our fellow gamblers, this is an issue that could see hundreds of thousands of dollars lost globally, just so someone can earn $50 in BTC. 

Hopefully, the bots will be disbanded or Valorant will come out with better mechanics to protect their players and streamers. But for now, it seems like this issue is here to stay. An unfortunate truth, but it is the reality for many out there. We will continue to update you on any developments that arise. Be sure to check out our article on the best Valorant betting sites, and please refrain from putting out any bounties. 


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