Valorant Players are “Crypto Throwing” to Win Bets 

A new term is surfacing within the esports industry, specifically within Valorant, known as “crypto throwing”.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Jan 13, 2023 and Updated Jan 18th, 2023
Valorant Players are “Crypto Throwing” to Win Bets 

Valorant is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. This 5v5 tactical shooter game features agents with unique abilities. The game features a variety of weapons and abilities, and players can earn in-game currency to purchase weapons and upgrades. The objective of the game is to plant and defuse a bomb or to eliminate the opposing team. The game also has a competitive aspect, with a ranking system and various tournaments and leagues.

Match fixing is an issue that has plagued the sports and sports betting industries. Luckily league regulations, suspensions and fines have simmered down some of the drama. And when it comes to streaming, stream sniping is another problem that still needs to be fixed, although some streamers have adopted anonymous names to avoid this issue.

But now esports players, specifically within Valorant, have come across a new hurdle affecting the gambling industry. Following the craze of match-fixing, a new term is surfacing within the esports industry, known as “crypto throwing”.

What Is Valorant “crypto throwing”?

Ever since the introduction of esports betting, gambling has provided an excellent opportunity for players and viewers to make money. Some just bet on their favorite team, while others put in weeks of research to figure out the option with the best odds. 

“Crypto throwing” is a term created to captivate the issue of players throwing matches to win bets. Players may bet on an opposing team and throw the match in order to win said bets. Not only is this immoral, but it is affecting bettors and gamers alike. This undermines the integrity of the game, and can cause same team players to get banned or lose their rankings. 

Although the term is relatively new, this has been a long-time issue dating back to 2020. In 2020, Valorant player Ryan Tan Shern was found guilty of corruption for match-fixing to make gambling profits. Later in 2021, Ty ‘junglew0w’ O’Donnell was also found guilty of match-fixing but was only fined $4,500. 

With the rise in crypto betting sites, bettors have been allowed to bet on streamers’ ranked games. This lower-level side of esports betting has allowed for the players of these games to make money off themselves. Some may bet on themselves to win, but most are betting on themselves to lose and throwing the match to make money. Hence the term “crypto throwing”. 

What the esports streamers have to say

Obviously, crypto throwing can severely impact those betting on these streamers, especially those who have put in a great deal of research, but it is the Valorant community who is most angry. Streamers and esports players from far and wide have come together to discuss the issue and potential fixes to the problem. This is what they had to say: 

Is there a solution to Valorant crypto throwing?

Valorant and Riot have yet to comment on these crypto throwing scandals, but we are sure there is some behind-the-scenes investigation going on.

This is a very tricky situation for the game and game developers, as it is hard to distinguish whether a player is throwing or if they are just having an off day. These esports betting sites may be able to assist somehow, but to what degree is unknown. Overall, we will just have to wait and see if Valorant comes up with a fair and effective solution.

But in other news, players and streamers have come together with a few solutions. The main solution is being proposed by famed streamer Tarik. Tarik believes that creating a private league for pros and high-level players to practice in will help combat these ranked crypto throwers. Details are yet to be revealed fully or finalized, but the premise is an invite-only league of 100-120 players with strict rules in place. This is a small-scale solution to a big problem, but appreciated by the community nonetheless.

We will let you know as more on this story unfolds, but for now, check out some other similar articles brought to you by BitcoinChaser.