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Bitcoin Chaser - June 22, 2020

video poker

There are many different types of poker available, making it hard to know where to play as well as what to play! The options are eandless. Video poker is a game where in order to keep the upper hand, you’re going to need to know what to look for. Keep in mind the lower the variant, the lower the risk. If you’re looking for a game with high returns, then look out for an RTP rate that is closest to 100%. It is important to always look at the paytable of the game before getting started, to know what your best move could be. Let’s dive into the best video poker games.


video poker kingbit casino

With over 30 video poker games to choose from, Kingbit Casino is all about providing players with an inspiring gambling environment, and there is nothing more inspiring than the chance to win big! Powering KingBit video casino is Pragmatic Play, Betsoft, Tom Horn, Wazdan and Habanero. With so much power behind their name, it’s hard to know which games to try. 

Jacks or Better is filled with the high stakes of poker. So if a thrill is what you are looking for, then this is the right game for you. Pragmatic Play has done what they do best and outshone the rest, with insane graphics and great user design. An RTP rate of 99.54% is enough to excite any poker fan!

Play at KingBit


betchain casino

With over 6 years under their belt, BetChain knows how to wow the crowd! When it comes to video poker, there is everything a player would need. From games with high profitability to games filled with action, Betchain has it all. Players are in store for a royal flush.

Finding the best game is all about knowing what you are looking for.  Here is a great example of what Betchain has to offer in terms of the best video poker games.

Play N’ Go have created a gripping video poker game with an RTP rate of 94.97%. Deuces Wild is centred around classic poker, with a fresh modern twist. Your winnings will be determined by the rank of your final hand. The fun doesn’t stop there, enjoy a gamble bonus feature that allows you to try to multiply your prize. 

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cryptothrills casino has video poker

With flashy branding and bright colours doing most of the work on grabbing players’ attention, the rest of CryptoThrills charm lies in the fantastic array of games. From the classic slot to the more edgier video poker, CryptoThrills has everything you need! 

Indulge in some of the best video poker games, with the possibilities of unimaginable wins.

Although this game is simple, Aces and Faces has some generous payouts. With an impressive RTP rate of 99.26%, players can look forward to some high rewards. There are so many ways to bring home winnings in this captivating game of poker. If you are looking for a game with a classic flair, Aces and Faces is the game for you!

Play at CryptoThrills

Yako Casino

yako casino

Yako Casino is a fun-filled gambling adventure jam-packed with the joy of cryptocurrencies. Providing players with a safe and secure platform, Yako Casino is licensed and regulated by the MGA and the UKGC. Yako Casino has done an impeccable job of providing players with a lucrative video poker experience, offering some of the best games available. 

This 5 card draw game of poker is a card player’s heaven. With great bonuses and the chance of a royal flush, with every hand there no doubt why this game made the list.

Play at Yako


video poker at cryptowild casino

This adventure is filled with madness! With every click, players will be more in awe of this online crypto casino. Not only is this casino filled with fun but also offers a wild amount of gaming categories, such as Jackpot, Slots, Roulette, Live games, Card Games, Poker and lottery.

Bgaming has created a poker palace with a fantastic classic design with high-quality graphics. Players will be involved in one of the highest stake games of the year! Keep your poker face on while trying to bring in the big wins!

Play at CryptoWild

How to Play Video Poker Online 

Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular form of video poker that you’ll find online. It’s a fairly simple game, but you’ll need to know the rules before you start playing: 

  • Two hole cards: Every player at the table will be dealt two cards, which are set face down.
  • Five community cards: Players must use their two hole cards (or one or none) together with the five community cards in order to make their very best five card hand.
  • Form the best hand: The player who has the best hand, or who makes the rest of the players fold, will win the pot. 
  • No limit betting: Texas Hold’em has no limit betting, so you can bet any amount that you want. There are four rounds of betting altogether, and you can place all of your chips in the middle whenever.  

Texas Hold’em video poker uses a 52-card deck, whether you’re playing online or at a brick and mortar casino. There can be a minimum of 2 players and a max of 10, unless you’re playing at a tournament. 

Video Poker Terminology

When someone bets, the rest of the players at the table have the option to: 

  • Call: Match the bet
  • Fold: Give up their hand and their chips that they’ve put into the pot 
  • Raise: Increase their bet by placing more chips in the pot

Bluffing is not the be all and end all of poker, and particularly not video poker. While it is a large part of poker playing, if you’re new to the game you don’t want to start off with it – unless your hand is ridiculously good. 

Hand rankings must be learned, and it takes some time. In brief, they work as follows, with 1 being the best hand and 10 the worst:  

  1. Royal flush: Cards from same suit, A to T. 
  2. Straight flush: Any sequence of cards in the same suit
  3. Four of a kind: E.g 8-8-8-8
  4. Full House: Three of the same card and a pair
  5. Flush: Cards all in the same suit
  6. Straight: A simple sequence  e.g. 9-8-7-6-5
  7. Three of a kind: E.g 5-5-5
  8. Two pairs: E.g. 9-9 and 3-3
  9. Pair: E.g A-A to 2-2
  10. High card: Your best card 

High Stakes Make For More Fun!

That concludes our list of best video poker games. To take your video poker skills one step further, take full advantage of the maximum number of coins. By doing this you will ensure that the royal flush is a higher value than that of the 5th coin, which will reduce the house edge resulting in bigger wins. The high stakes is what makes poker so much fun! 



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