FortuneJack’s Sportsbook: Here To Revolutionize

14 Feb, 2019 | Bitcoin Chaser

Innovation is the key to stay competitive. That is exactly why FortuneJack re-launched its casino in 2018, adding many innovative features, but it...

eSports and Sportsbooks – How Does Their Involvement In Crypto Vary?

5 Nov, 2018 | Jen van Lier

Since the introduction of blockchain platforms, the world has changed with regards to how transactions are carried out. And leading the way are two industries in particular – Sports betting and eSports platforms.

Top Cryptocurrency Sportsbook

30 Oct, 2018 | Jen van Lier

  The explosion of cryptocurrency has wholly modernized and transformed online betting to the point where it is fast becoming the preferred...

Roulette Strategy

11 Oct, 2018 | Bitcoin Chaser

We look at different roulette strategy systems, the European v American roulette wheel, roulette tricks and the best places to play online roulette.

Betcoin Player Wins 55 Bitcoin on a Welcome Bonus

29 Aug, 2018 | Jen van Lier

A player won an eye-popping 55 BTC while using his welcome bonus after signing up on the Bitcoin casino.

Vegas and its Sportsbook Odds

12 Aug, 2018 | Jen van Lier

Las Vegas is not in the business of predicting the final scoreline; their priority is predicting what the public thinks the final score will be. Learn how sports betting really works in the mecca of gambling.

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