Bitcoin Chaser giveawayBitcoin has had a tremendous year! It shattered the $800 US Dollar mark just a few days ago, and now it seems like it will never look back! There are those who thought the $1,000 US Dollar mark was untenable, but it seems it is only a matter of time until bitcoin shatters that mark as well, and you can win a prize for predicting when it will happen. This is such an exciting time to be a member of the Bitcoin community that we are going to celebrate the $1,000 US Dollar mark with a rare, Bitcoin Chaser prize.

When bitcoin hits $1,000 US Dollars, you can win a Ledger Nano S Wallet

To win that prize when bitcoin hits the $1,000 US Dollar mark, the only thing you need to do is predict the correct time and date when bitcoin will achieve this feat. It is that simple, so here is how you can let us know when you think bitcoin will hit the $1,000 US Dollar mark:

  • Go onto our Facebook page and post your prediction with the full date and the time – in UTC – or Tweet us your prediction.
  • There will be TWO winners, be as specific as you can be. Our analysts will be following bitcoin prizes non-stop over the next few days.
  • If you predicted the date and time correctly, we will contact you to deliver your Ledger Nano S Wallet

Give us a shout and win the Bitcoin Chaser prize!

Remember, the only thing you have to do is let us know what your prediction is and you can win a Ledger Nano S Wallet. We hope you participate and win, and we hope bitcoin keeps performing, beating every other currency in the world in its race to dominate the economy of the future. Good luck, and happy New Year from all the staff at Bitcoin Chaser!

BitcoinChaser Staff

Here at we live, breathe and write about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Interested in being featured? Give us a shout!

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