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bitcoin lottery

Gambling was one of the first industries that developed around Bitcoin. Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin lottery sites popped up as a part of the Bitcoin gambling movement that generated this kind of economic activity. Nevertheless, lottery belongs in a category of its own, because major software providers who deal with Bitcoin haven’t taken over this segment yet.

Many Bitcoin lotteries are independent and are even based on provably fair mechanisms that resemble the early days of Bitcoin dice. Here are some of the special features of BTC lotto sites that make them special, along with our select list of sites that offer the best deals and the best jackpots.

Top Rated Bitcoin Lottery Sites

How Do Bitcoin Lottery Sites Work?

A Bitcoin lottery operates much like traditional lotteries do, even when they are blockchain-based and provably fair. People buy a ticket, they pick their number, and then wait for the result. Some lotteries have weekly draws, others have more frequent draws.

Advantages of Bitcoin Lottery

Even though they operate much like traditional lotteries, playing Bitcoin lottery offers several advantages:

  • Global access to the same tickets and jackpots that anyone else has.
  • Probably fair games allow you to verify the randomness of the result.
  • Instant pay outs.
  • Better odds.
  • Anonymous wins.

These advantages are often overlooked but they are important, especially given that BTC and traditional lottery ticket prices are comparable. There are many lottery lovers who are looking to play from anywhere on earth, knowing that the pay out will reach them no matter what, and they are also looking for transparency in terms of the results.

This should make them gravitate towards Bitcoin lottery, especially when these offer instant pay outs, a degree of anonymity and certain even have better odds than traditional ones – in some instances, they offer odds that are 10 times better than odds on traditional lotteries.

Traditional Lottery Sites that Accept Bitcoin

There are also many sites that offer access to traditional lotteries through Bitcoin payments. These are not Bitcoin lotteries per se, but Bitcoin is used to allow people to buy tickets to these lotteries that offer fiat jackpots, like LotteryMaster.

On the other hand, there are lotteries that allow winners to claim their jackpot either in fiat or on Bitcoin, which gives players a wide spectrum of options to choose from next time they purchase a lottery ticket.

bitcoin lottery at lotterymaster

LotteryMaster accepts payments in Bitcoin


The Easy of Play

Regardless of the kind of lottery that a person chooses, all of them are very straight forward and easy to play. Even people who are not too familiar with Bitcoin will be able to take their chances on a wide variety of Bitcoin lotteries that have superb user interface features that highlight just how easy it is to buy a ticket using Bitcoin and claim wins.

Now that you know just how easy it is to play lottery with Bitcoin, it is time for you to pick one and win. Try your luck with any of the sites we recommended above and make sure you pick the winning numbers!


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