The Top 6 Bitcoin Lottery Sites of 2021

By Bitcoin Chaser | February 1, 2020

Bitcoin lottery

Bitcoin Lottery – while similar to normal lottery – is considered to be the greatest game for winning crazy fortunes! With little skill required and a good chunk of luck, anyone can walk away a winner with a Bitcoin lotto site. Feeling lucky? Check out our top 6 best Bitcoin lottery sites below. 

What is a Bitcoin Lottery Site?

Much like with regular lotteries, it involves the player purchasing a ticket with several numbers on it. The game will commence with a draw of several numbers and if you can match the numbers on your ticket to the drawn numbers presented – you’re a winner!

Unlike regular lotteries, at a Bitcoin lotto site your prize is paid out in Bitcoin. It’s also worth noting that the prize is a percentage of the prize pool, taking into account that smaller portions are won for varying matches (for instance you could win 10% of the prize pool for matching 4 out of 7 numbers).

So what is a Bitcoin lottery site exactly? Bitcoin lottery sites are essentially online Bitcoin casinos that facilitate top Bitcoin lotteries. We’ve compiled a list of reliable ones below in our Top 6 best Bitcoin lottery sites list.

Top 6 Best Bitcoin Lottery Sites

6. FortuneJack Lottery

FortuneJack Casino Review

A firm favourite in the online gambling scene, and certainly the best Bitcoin lotto sites scene is FortuneJack. While the platform doesn’t offer traditional lottery games, it offers the best Keno games. Keno is essentially a different version of lottery that uses fixed odds as opposed to pool systems that depend on other players entering.

While the process is slightly different, the regulation is stringent and the opportunity to win is more in the player’s hands. As this game is created by a third party software provider with set algorithms, there are multiple more hoops they need to jump through in order to get the game approved. Read: very secure results.

Another advantage that FortuneJack offers is that unlike daily or weekly lotteries on other platforms, players can play as often as they like, whenever they like. Ready for something new? Jump in and take your chances with FortuneJack’s keno style lottery.

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5. CryptoGames Lottery

CryptoGames Casino Review

A great choice for beginners, Crypto Games offers a simple version of Bitcoin lottery with all the security features you need. Crypto Games uses Provably Fair technology, with a random picker protocol for their Bitcoin lotto game.

This lottery game works off of a pool system, which means that there is no limit to the prize pool, and 98.5% of the pool is divided between players. Platforms often request a 10-15% cut of the pool so this is a welcome advantage for this Bitcoin lottery site. Their lottery game includes 1st, 2nd and 3rd place positioning, which will win you 80%, 15% and 5% of the prize pool respectively.

Their lottery kicks off every Wednesday, and tickets are pretty cheap (0.0001 BTC). Crypto Games also offers roulette, blackjack, video poker, dice, Plinko, slots, and minesweeper, but you can easily navigate to the lottery game and pretend they aren’t there if need be.

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4. LottoLand


Offering a different experience to the ones we’ve mentioned above, LottoLand uses regular lotto games to decide the numbers, basing the outcome on games like EuroMillions and Mega Million. Essentially offering a Bitcoin lottery on top of the regular one offered by these companies. Except that you can enter this lotto with fiat, and win crypto, and the process (behind the scenes) works somewhat differently.

You’ll still choose 6 numbers, but the prize pool of the original game and the LottoLand version will differ (LottoLand prize pool is based on the number of people that played the same game). As these numbers are based on real-world lotteries, you won’t need to worry about verifying any results. On that note, and another advantage that LottoLand has over other Bitcoin lottery sites, is that it operates under the Gibraltar Gambling Commission.

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3. DuckDice Lottery

DuckDice Casino Review

What may have started off as a Bitcoin dice platform has turned out to offer one of the best Bitcoin lotteries in the industry. Their loto game is also Provably Fair, ensuring your outcome is 100% transparent and accurate (you can check on the site). 

DuckDice’s Bitcoin lottery game kicks off once a day, and offers a prize pool based on the number of tickets sold. Prizes are broken down into the following:

  • Matching 3 numbers gets you 20% of the prize pool
  • Matching 4 numbers gets you 30% of the prize pool
  • Matching 5 numbers gets you 50% of the prize pool

In cases where two players get the same numbers, their winning share is split evenly between the two.

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2. 8Bet Lottery


8Bet is number two on our list of top 6 best Bitcoin lotteries: an online casino dedicated to Bitcoin lotteries! While they have a few scratch cards and slot games, their main Bitcoin lottery is the ‘People’s One’ and runs once a day. You can win just by matching 2 numbers, right up to the jackpot-winning 6 numbers. And if no-one wins, the jackpot rolls over to the next day. 

8Bet also offers a free lottery game, prizes are much smaller but the risk is less – and it’s a great feature if you want to test out the platform.

All games on 8Bet are Provably Fair, providing a transparent and trustworthy platform for you to play your favourite Bitcoin lottery game.

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1. Greenspin Lottery

Greenspin Casino Review

Greenspin casino, launched in 2020, is quickly making waves in the casino and lottery world. This casino offers a great user experience, thousands of games, and a bunch of competitive bonuses to keep you coming back. But what’s most important is their special lottery.

Up for grabs in the Greenspin lottery are huge prizes, including an Audi e-tron, engraved watches, and an iPhone, among other prizes. A ticket to participate in Greenspin’s lottery costs €15, and require you to have deposited at Greenspin in advance.

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Advantages of Top Bitcoin Lotteries

Here are some advantages of playing a Bitcoin lottery site over a regular one:

  • Bitcoin lottery sites are Provably Fair, meaning that the site is fully transparent and cannot manipulate the outcome (always ensure the site you’re playing on is Provably Fair – we’ve listed the top 6 best Bitcoin lotteries sites below)
  • Your winnings are instantly credited to your account.
  • As everything is online, you can enjoy lower fees.
  • There are no location restrictions, as long as online gambling is allowed in your country.

Which One Will You Test First?

And that concludes our top 6 best Bitcoin lottery games, which one will you test first? All online casinos listed here offer top notch games, high security, and Provably Fair – or otherwise regulated – platforms. As we mentioned earlier, these lottery games can often yield the biggest results, so when luck is in your corner…