Rollbot NFTs: Unlock NFT Gambling At Rollbit Casino

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Published Aug 24, 2022 and Updated Nov 20th, 2023
Rollbot NFTs: Unlock NFT Gambling At Rollbit Casino

Rollbit is an innovative cryptocurrency casino and trading platform, boasting features such as Rollbot NFTs, staking, lootboxes, and profit sharing. It was founded in February 2020 with a mission to provide users with a unique gambling experience with its native token, RLB, which can be traded or staked for rewards. 

In 2021 Rollbit made history by being the first casino to launch its own NFTs known as Rollbots. These NFTs offer their holders exclusive benefits and utilities, serving as customized VIP membership cards similar to what you’d find at a land-based casino. In this article we will explore Rollbot NFTs: what makes them unique, what utility they offer, and Rollbit’s NFT game, Rollbot Bonanza.

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What Are Rollbot NFTs?

What are Rollbot NFTs?
What are Rollbot NFTs?

Rollbot NFTs are a set of 10,000 distinct robots that were created algorithmically utilizing more than 180 features, and grant owners special rewards and features at Rollbit casino.

Rollbots are based on the ERC-721 standard, which is the backbone of many NFT projects today and allows for anyone to trade their Rollbots in a permissionless manner, storing your ownership evidence on the Ethereum blockchain. 

When the project was launched in October 2021 it saw huge success in its NFT pre-sale of 2,000 NFTs, which sold out in less than 25 seconds. The public sale of 7,000 NFTs that followed sold out in under an hour. 

Rollbots have 7 distinct properties each of which will have different utility benefits tied to them. These Rollbot properties are:

  • Background 
  • Body 
  • Hat 
  • Clothes
  • Teeth 
  • Eyes 
  • Ears 

The features of each have different levels of rareness and determine the reward factor. So far 5 out of the 7 properties have utility tied to them with the teeth and background properties still needing utility to be implemented. This level of NFT utility is the first of its kind and the benefits seem endless.

There are 25 Special Rollbots in the collection, which offer owners the greatest rewards.

Rollbit is currently in the process of rolling out a variety of new Rollbit-themed games available to all users. 

However Rollbit VIP members and Rollbot NFT holders are the only users able to get a share in revenue from these casino games. Holding Rollbot NFTs also gives the owner a status mark and a distinctive bot to use as their social media avatar.

Rollbot NFT Utility at Rollbit Casino

Rollbit NFTs

But these Rollbot NFTs are more than just a cool, unique image, they have real utility within the Rollbit casino platform. Rollbit even went as far as creating staking rewards and an in-house custom NFT gambling game, Rollbit Bonanza. 

Rollbots are still very new, only roughly a year old at the time of writing, so there is far more in plan than we could comprehend. 

Let’s explore what utility Rollbot NFTs hold within the Rollbit platform, let’s dive in.


Having a Rollbot can increase your rakeback from 2.5% to 10%. The rarest body type is solid gold and is found on only 53 Rollbots out of the total collection of 10,000 and can increase your Rollbit account’s overall rakeback to 15%. The Rollbot rewards program will include much more exciting incentives. Users must assign their Rollbot to their profile in order to unlock Rollback, which may be done through their NFT portfolio. Your Rollback percentage will be determined by the Rollbot assigned to your profile. 

RLB Lottery Staking

Rollbot holders can earn RLB by staking in Rollbit’s NFT Marketplace. At the end of each RLB round, Rollbot RLB is shared evenly between the RLB burning schedule and staked Rollbot holders. Be sure to hodl and stake your Rollbots for as long as possible to optimize your RLB revenue.

Rollbot Bonanza

Rollbit created Rollbot Bonanza, a slot-style game with the potential for incredible multipliers. Before you start spinning, you can improve your stakes by customizing your Rollbot with bonus traits. If you land the same trait in the trait multiplier reel, you will multiply your win by the relative amount. Using a profile Rollbit Rollbot, you can increase your final multiplier by 10x for 5 matched traits, and by x100 for 6 matched traits. You can also play up to 1,000 auto spins, to win without having to constantly click a button. 

You can choose from traits such as body color, clothes, ears, eyes, hats, and teeth. The highest multiplier that can be seen is x27.53, but the more traits you have and add, the more you win. There are also challenges where you can win even more for hitting specific multipliers. Overall, this game provides an extremely lucrative gameplay experience. 

RLB Lottery Multiplier

You can boost your chances of winning cash prizes in Rollbit’s RLB Lottery by owning a Rollbot. Every 100 Bitcoin blocks, the RLB Lottery gives a portion of Rollbit’s income to a lucky 100 winners. Rollbit will also be launching lottery multipliers. The ‘Gold Wing’ ears attribute, for example, is the rarest, with only 55 Rollbots possessing it. Rollbots with this attribute provide a 5.20x multiplier on the RLB staked.

Profit Sharing

Rollbot owners can stake their Rollbots in the NFT Marketplace, where stakers receive 50% of earnings. Your profit portion will be determined by the most valuable hat your Rollbot wears. Only 53 Rollbots have crowns, and their owners receive the most shares. There are 3,625,000 shares in total across all 10,000 Rollbots, and 50% of the marketplace revenues are awarded to Rollbot holders who stake their Rollbots. It should be noted that after you stake the Rollbot, it cannot be used for anything else until it is unstaked.

NFT Lootboxes

To make an NFT Lootbox, you must first associate it with a Rollbot, which means that this Rollbot is effectively staked and cannot be used for any other purpose. Only Rollbot owners can design their own NFT Lootboxes and use revolutionary NFT Lootboxes to become the house in their own casino game. So, if you just have one Rollbot, you can only make an NFT Lootbox with another NFT or cash as prizes. If you wish to give away a Rollbot, you’ll need at least two of them. One Rollbot will be staked, and the other will be added as a prize. 

Holders of our Rollbit-branded NFTs can add their own NFTs to an NFT Lootbox and specify cash prizes before choosing the win probability. The lowest win probability that can be specified is 0.001% to guarantee it is worthwhile to play. The cost of opening the NFT Lootbox is automatically determined and includes a 5% house edge. The cost of opening a Rollbot increases as more valuable NFTs are added and the victory chance is increased. NFT Lootboxes listings can be closed at any moment by the creator in order to free up the staked Rollbot for another utility function, and the prize chance can be adjusted at any time. 

How to Buy and Sell Rollbots

Rollbots on OpenSea
Rollbots on OpenSea.

You can purchase or bid on Rollbot NFTs via Opensea or the Rollbit NFT marketplace (yes, this casino has its own in-house NFT marketplace).

Once you have acquired your NFT, you can store it on the Rollbit platform or move it over to a linked MetaMask wallet. 

You can also sell your Rollbot in the Rollbit marketplace, create a lootbox to distribute it, or sell it on OpenSea through MetaMask. 


You can also register and log into Rollbot with MetaMask: just another reason MetaMask wallet is great for gambling.

Get More From Rollbit with Rollbot NFTs

Rollbit casino is always trying to improve its customer experience in innovative ways. Their new rewards update consists of Rakeback, Rollback, and Rank Bonuses, giving players 60-70% of the house edge back.

And if you are sports fan it is worth learning about Sports Rollbots, Rollbit’s second NFT project that shares many of the same qualities as Rollbot NFTs but reward exclusive bonuses for their sportsbook.

If you would like to find out more, read Rollbit’s comprehensive whitepaper. Additionally, you can learn more about Rollbit casino, their Rollbot NFTs, and the Rollbot Bonanza game in our Rollbit review

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