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Crypto Games casino is a unique site within the Bitcoin gambling space. It combines the six most popular games – dice, lottery, blakjack, roulette, video poker and slots – with 8 different cryptocurrencies. The site is very easy to use and the availability of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies to play with is a huge advantage. Add in the fact that the games are provably fair and no registration is required, and Crypto Games net is a serious candidate for a top 5 pure cryptocurrency casino.

As if that wasn’t enough, this casino has a new bonus structure with their faucet that gives new players more money every 3 minutes, and it offers players to take their winnings in whichever cryptocurrency they choose. All of these new unique features in the market definitely make this casino one of our favorite.

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Crypto Game Casino Games

Crypto Games net takes advantage of the 6 of the most popular casino games online by offering a simple, provably fair version for each one. Starting with the dice and slot platforms, Crypto Games quickly expanded into blackjack, roulette, video poker and lottery as well. Players can try the games for free, playing with fun money, or take those incredible house edges for a ride using eight of the top cryptocurrencies available. The house edge for the dice game, for instance, is just 0.8% – which leads Bitcoin dice sites.

The other games have incredible house edges as well. This benefits the players greatly, especially within a provably fair system. Here is the data on the house edge for every other game that Crypto Games net offers:

  • The slot game has a house edge of 1.97%
  • Dice has a house edge of 0.8%
  • Blackjack has a house edge of 1.253%
  • Lottery doesn’t have a house edge, but gives away 1% more than what the players pay into it. The lottery effectively has a negative house edge of 1%!
  • Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%
  • Video Poker enjoys a 2.1% house edge.

From all the games above, we have a particular affinity for that 5-wheel slot machine game that Crypto Gamesoffers. Its 1.97% house edge leads the industry. Crypto Games also introduced recently the other 4 games which makes it a much more diverse casino that appeals to a wider public. Itslottery for example, is one of the few cryptocurrency lotteries out there, and it is quickly gaining popularity thanks to its negative house edge. Crypto Games put itself above every other pure cryptocurrency casino out there with its great game selection, its low house edge and its provably fair gaming.

Crypto Games Faucet and Bonuses

Bonuses is another area in which Crypto Games put itself above the competition. Pure bitcoin and cryptocurrency casinos, have very different bonus structures. Most don’t even have bonuses, but Crypto Games has probably the best pure cryptocurrency and bitcoin bonuses of them all. Their brand new Crypto Games faucet will give all the new players money every 3 minutes! That is more than any other bitcoin casino is willing to offer, but it gets better. According to how much the player plays, the faucet will be releasing anywhere between 1000 and a whopping 20,500 Satoshis. Definitely a worthwhile bitcoin bonus.

Apart from the Crypto Games faucet, there are several other ways to get more bonuses and rewards on this casino. The first and most prominent option for players to get more funds on Crypto Games, is the wagering contest. This contest takes place on the first day of every month at 0:00 UTC. The prize pool is incredible: 0.925 BTC, 14.6 LTC, 4.285 ETH, and 6000 lottery tickets dealt every month. There are also some other daily free giveaways for Dogecoin lottery tickets and up to 5,000 Satoshis daily, apart from the Crypto Games faucet. There is even a Facebook post campaign that could net you a cool 0.3 mBTC for just a post on your wall!

Deposits and Withdrawals

Crypto Games offers nine cryptocurrency players can play and withdraw with. Players can chose which cryptocurrency they want to withdraw their funds in, and Crypto Games net will cover the transaction fees. This effectively makes the Casino a de-facto cryptocurrency exchange.

Deposit/withdrawal times for the site are as follows:

  • Bitcoin – 10 minute deposit time (1 confirmation) with 60 minute withdrawal time.
  • Litecoin – 2.5 minute deposit time (1 confirmation) with 15 minute withdrawal time.
  • Dogecoin – 1 minute deposit time (1 confirmation) with 6 minute withdrawal time.
  • The other currencies are similar in time to Dogecoin.

Players will always receive exactly what was in their balance, because Crypto Games net covers the fees. This is exceptional and is very difficult to find elsewhere.

Special Crypto Games Features

Crypto Games also offers everyone a chance to invest. Its investment program shares 70% of the casino’s profit with investors. Crypto Games also offers a great referral program. In this program, the casino shares 25% of the house edge. This program is easy to find and register for. The only thing you need to do is go to the bottom of the page and follow the ‘invite a friend’ link. The rest is pretty instinctive, so if you know friends who like spinning and trying their luck occasionally on any of these wonderful 6 games, you can make some money recommending the site!


Crypto Games does a great job of keeping things simple – six top games, no registration, defined deposit and withdrawal times, and a user-friendly interface – and that allows for a very simple start to gambling on the site. The option for several cryptocurrencies and the option to use their exchange service is great. There is also a cookie-based referral link to earn from sending people to the site, as well as one of the most generous bitcoin faucets giving money out every 3 minutes. These features make it one of the top bitcoin casinos out there without a doubt, so go ahead and try it out!

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Graphic designer, web developer and Bitcoin enthusiast. Part of the development team behind BitcoinChaser.

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