Sugar Pop

Bitcoin Chaser - February 18, 2018

Double Delight of Sweet Surrender

Sugar Pop offers 96.7% RTYP, with medium volatility.  The game plays out on 5 reels and 5 rows with 243 pay lines.

  • Super Color symbols form when 4 icons of the same color make up a combination. Should it combine with matching colors before the next spin, you will be awarded an x2 multiplier.
  • A winning combination of reached by popping candies and getting matching symbols vertically or horizontally.
  • Each special candy has its own unique feature, and there are 11 of them
  • There is a Level Up feature. The more you win, the higher up you advance with added benefits.
  • There are 4 candy lands to play in and 20 levels to reach. Remember if you switch off your device the game will not be saved, and you will start again from levvel1.
  • The Bonus Pattern Feature is earned by matching a specific pattern of candies. If you get the exact pattern, you earn 600 level up point.
  • This game has a cascading motion when spinning the reels.
  • You need 3 connecting pieces of candy to win. Considering there are 25 spaces, the potential to win a large is enormous.

Winning has Never Tasted this Good

What a sweet ride all the way to big wins and much fanfare.  This is a new generation game offering unique pay combinations that become quite addictive in chasing after. The gorgeous pink and blue tones and playful music will set on the path to a very happy gaming experience.

Betsoft has provided a game that is fun and filled with opportunities to score big winning combinations to make this the tastiest slot by far.