Terminator 2 Slots

Terminator 2 Slots

By Rachel Jacobs
Published Feb 16, 2015 and updated Feb 12th, 2021

Terminator 2 slot is a sequel to Terminator, the slot based on the hit film “Terminator” featuring Arnold Schwazenegger. The slot takes you on an adventure following John Connor and his mother who are trying to escape the Terminator who was sent back from the future to target him. The high quality graphics and exciting free spin rounds together with the video reels are some of the reasons why this slot gets amazing reviews across the board.

Reels 5
Paylines 243
Scatter Yes
Free Spins Yes
Wild Yes

This 5 reel nail biting slot is also known for its huge prizes. With a max payout of 88,000, this slot is one of the most exciting slots out there to play with, according to gamer reviews on slot forums. Apart from the great prizes it offers, its sleek graphics will have you glued to your seat while you spin and see the characters appear on the reels. Whether it is human or machine, you will be excited which reels align.

However, when the free spins mode, you will be wishing that the machine appears more on your reels than the human characters, especially T-1000, the villain! If you remember how T-1000 turned into a liquid metal substance and morphed in the movie, you will immediately understand why. If not, here is the sneak peek: during this slot machine’s free spins rounds, any T-1000 character on the reel will automatically change shape to improve the characters that align on the reels.

This means that the more T-1000 machines you get on the reels when you hit the free spins rounds, the more money you will be adding to your prize! There are even reviews that will link to a YouTube testimonial of a person making thousands of dollars on free spin rounds with the T-1000 appearing on the reels!

Try your luck on the Terminator 2 slot machine and have a blast every time you spin! You might even be able to try the free play with one of our partner casinos below, before you start spinning and winning for real! Hasta la vista baby


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