5 Places to Play Bitcoin Minesweeper Today

By Rachel Jacobs
Published Jul 18, 2020 and updated Jan 15th, 2022
5 Places to Play Bitcoin Minesweeper Today

The first time you open up a Bitcoin minesweeper game you realize one thing: this isn’t your grandfather’s minesweeper. We’ve come a long way from the original minesweeper computer game – aka the only thing to do when your internet goes down. Bitcoin minesweeper is so much more than bombs and flags – it’s got amazing graphics, interesting variables, and of course the gambling element to top it all off. 

Minesweeper has always been a casually fun game, and that’s where it lands in terms of Bitcoin gaming – in the casual section. While it’s not a casino game, there is betting involved, and you just might find yourself playing this game a lot longer than poker or some slots. The replay value is high, because unlike the original Windows minesweeper, Bitcoin minesweeper banks on the feeling of “if I had just chosen that square…” in order for the players to keep coming back. The graphics and effects are great and the game offers a fun experience that is a bit of a reprieve from casino games or slots. It’s an interesting new take on casual Bitcoin gaming, but after being aided by an influx of fans of the original, as well as those looking for some quick fun, minesweeper should do well for itself in the Bitcoin gaming world.

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About Bitcoin Minesweeper

Imagine playing on a surface where you’ve got to figure out where a bunch of mines are and you have to designate their spots – but one false move will cost you everything. Today that game is around in what’s simply known as Minesweeper. The classic Minesweeper game was introduced in 1989 as a fun strategy that requires you to find and mark all the mines in a large field. Today you can play a Minesweeper game online and for free.

How Does Bitcoin Minesweeper Work?

The process of playing this game is easy to understand. You will have a large field that you can play with that can vary in size. This field will feature a series of squares that you can click on. Underneath the squares are a series of mines. Your goal is to right-click on the mines to mark them all in as little time as possible. If you can mark them then you will win the game. You may have to use the space bar on your keyboard or another key in the event that you have a one-button mouse.

To figure out where the mines are, you will have to left-click different spots on the field. If you click on a spot without mines then you will either unveil a large swath of space with no mines or you will get a number. The number refers to the total amount of mines surrounding that space. This will help you to mark the number of mines that are around.

This can require a bit of strategy to get more spots marked and to also determine what spaces are to be resolved. Also, it can require a bit of luck at times but if you can get enough spaces open and marked then you can easily win the game.

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Minesweeper at BetChain Casino

A Good Challenge For All Sizes

One great part of Minesweeper is that it can entail all sorts of playing fields. You can choose a small playing field that has only ten mines, a much larger screen that features a hundred or perhaps something that is right in between.

You can create a custom-made game too. You can create a field based on the height and width of the field you want to play on as well as the number of mines that you have to clear out. The game will make a customized setup for you as the game will work hard to generate all sorts of surfaces.

Easy To Load Up

The best part of this game is that you don’t have to download anything special to play. A Minesweeper game online can be played without having to get off of a web browser as everything needed for playing the game will be located conveniently within your simple web browser. This makes for a simple interface that is easy to play with right now.

The challenge of Minesweeper never gets old. This game can be played in many ways and always has a different map every time. It’s fun to play and practically impossible to master. Best of all, you can play it online for free right now if you look for a good site to play it with.