Top 5 Bitcoin Poker Casinos of 2021

Bitcoin Chaser - August 26, 2020

Finding the best Bitcoin Poker game is no easy feat. Not only do you want strong software and security, but also that you’re playing at a table with like-minded players and great graphics. We set out to find the top 5 sites for Bitcoin Poker games in 2021 so that you can focus on more important things, like the flop and the river. 

Top 5 Sites for Bitcoin Poker Games Criteria

We looked for secure platforms that deliver a reliable service, have great bonuses, tournaments and offer a variety of games and formats. When it comes to Poker, it’s got to be great. Here are our top 5 sites for Bitcoin poker games:

5 | 7Bit Casino

7Bit has been around for some time (2014) and offers an excellent platform to play out your poker dreams. The casino requires low minimum deposits, allowing anyone to enter the ecosystem and try their luck with players from around the world. They’re also very welcoming to high-rollers, so if you’re looking to play with the big dogs – 7Bit is your place. 

The casino also offers a great VIP program and generous welcome offers.

Welcome Bonus: 100% up to 1.5 BTC.

7BitCasino Review

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4 | 1xBit

Having been around since 2007, this crypto casino is known for having a huge variety of games, and does not disappoint in the poker department. With over 150 poker games from top software providers, 1xBit offers a huge array of games with both live dealers and without. 

You can filter through their games by number of players per table – 2 players (heads up), 6 (max), and 7-10 players (full table) – or through bet sizes (micro, low, medium, and high). Players also have the option to play without using money. 

First Deposit Welcome Bonus: 100% up to 1 BTC.

1xbit casino review

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3 | Fair Poker

The most recent addition to our top 5 sites for Bitcoin Poker games in 2020 is Fair Poker launched in 2019. The Bitcoin only platform, inspired by the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, created a completely focused poker room. Think: fully transparent, encrypted decks. 

With such a poker-focused model, comes an easy to use, to-the-point platform. All you need to do is make a deposit, and find a table in the lobby to start playing.

No Welcome Bonus but they offer a daily cashback deal where you can get up to 40% cashback (depending on your tier level).

Fair.Poker Casino review

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2 | Sports Betting

Despite what it’s name might imply, Sports Betting has a great variety of poker games for players to choose from too. Whether you’re looking for cash games or poker tournaments, Sports Betting caters to all your wants and needs. 

Offering anything from live dealer games to no limits Texas Holdem and everything in between, this platform offers secure, high-roller-friendly fun.  

Welcome Bonus: 100% on your first deposit (up to $1000). You’ll need to email support to generate this.

sports betting review

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1 | Bet Online

Bet Online is a true OG in the crypto space, having roots back to 1991, they officially went online in 2009 and have done a great job of building a solid reputation (following a domain change in 2011). This crypto casino currently offers 17 variations of video poker, live dealers for blackjack, along with 9 blackjack variations and 13 other table games.

With decent player traffic, fast withdrawals and a huge variety of skilled and less-skilled players, Bet Online is an excellent option when looking for a Bitcoin Poker game in 2020. They also offer many, many tournaments as well as a “Poker night at home” option where you can host your friends.

Welcome Bonus: 100% up to $200 bonus

Bet Online review

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A Brief History of Poker

According to, Poker has a long history spanning over a thousand years. Some historians believe that its origins began in 10th century China, while others argue that it dates back to a Persian card game from the 16th century. 

Poque, which began in France in the 17th century, is Poker’s closest European relative. Both Poque and Poker seemingly originated from a Spanish game, Primero, which features three cards dealt to each player at the table, bluffing, and a dealer. French colonists allegedly brought Poque to the United States, starting in New Orleans. However, the anglicised version of Poque really took off in popularity in 1834, and is likely the origins of the game we know today.

How to Start Playing Bitcoin Poker 

When you first start playing Bitcoin Poker, there are some things that you’ll need to do. Firstly, you’ll need to acquire some Bitcoin. Bitcoin, as the coin with the top cryptocurrency market cap, is likely the easiest digital asset to buy. You can purchase it with your debit or credit card from exchanges like Binance or Kraken, and then store it directly in your crypto wallet and transfer it into the given address on your chosen casino’s deposit page. 

Deposits with Bitcoin are usually fast, but the speed will depend on your platform.

Advantages of Bitcoin Poker

Bitcoin Poker works in the exact same way as online poker, only this time you can deposit BTC as opposed to fiat. The advantages with BTC deposits is that they’ve generally instant and don’t require any complicated KYC processes. Bitcoin poker also allows you to connect with players around the world, no matter where they are or what currency they use – Bitcoin is universal!

Top Bitcoin Poker Games

And that concludes our top 5 sites for Bitcoin Poker games in 2020. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills or play with the top dogs, this list should have you well on your way to winning. Now that you’ve done all your research, it’s high time you go all in!



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