The Newest Casino Taking the World of Bitcoin by Storm

Here is the story of how in a few months, Playamo completely revolutionized the bitcoin casino industry.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Mar 14, 2016 and updated Jan 15th, 2022
The Newest Casino Taking the World of Bitcoin by Storm

New online casino launches rarely ever get noticed. Most of these casinos fizzle out quickly, not only because the industry is highly competitive, but also because they lack the in-depth knowledge about gamblers required to provide great service. Playamo understand this well, so it has managed to step up to the plate and silenced all those who dismissed it as they do any rookie in the industry, with a home run on its first hit! Here is the story of how in a few months, Playamo completely revolutionized the bitcoin casino industry.

Basically, Playamo had a simple three-pronged strategy to take the bitcoin casino scene by storm and carve out a place for itself in the online casino industry. Playamo figured out that online casino players are looking for an exceptional gaming experience, entertaining games with huge jackpots, and a little twist that would infuse the old concept of bonuses with a little life. Their solution was simple: to set up a casino that can deliver on all three, and make an indelible impression in the mind of gamers.

That is how a group of gamers turned their own prize money into an online casino, with such a deep game selection and such amazing bonuses, that no one can ignore. When you play at Playamo, you have the crucial elements that any gamer is looking for, covered:

  • 1,115 of the best games available for online casinos, with the biggest jackpots available
  • Customer service provided by gamers, designed squarely to satisfy gamers
  • Exciting new bonuses, including an unprecedented welcome bonus package

To complement its move, Playamo offers its customers the best of both worlds: bitcoin games and slots, together with fiat currency games. This means that the casino provides the high level of data security required by bitcoin enthusiasts, while extending the game selection available to them by integrating fiat games.

Players can choose to make a deposit with either bitcoin, USD and EUR through a variety of payment methods available. Players can use their Visa or Master Card, their Neteller and Skrill e-wallets, Sofort and traditional bank transfers, or opt for bitcoin transfers to fund their account. This is another feature that complements Playamo’s basic strategy. This is due to the fact that Playamo’s management understands the online gamer more than any other online casino, because its management is completely made up of gamers, just like you!

This special connection shines through especially in Playamo’s customer service. Its staff knows exactly how to deal with every inquiry because it was trained by online casino enthusiasts. They also understand the importance of timely withdrawal processing and its support can troubleshoot any possible glitch within minutes. Staff is available 24/7 on live chat and email, which guarantees that Playamo will provide industry leading customer service.

Playamo is showing the most traditional and well established online casinos how to hit a jackpot. This casino’s game has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with strategy, great customer service and amazing playability. With a whopping 1,115 games and unprecedented bonus deals, Playamo is taking online gambling by storm. Take advantage and ride the Playamo wave all the way. Join, spin and win!


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