Anonibet Sportsbook Review

Anonibet Sportsbook Review

Anonibet’s major claim to fame is that they’ve been around since 2011, which is a lifetime when it comes to Bitcoin gambling sites. The site is certainly the most experienced Bitcoin sportsbook that exists today and with time comes experience. There is much to be said about Anonibet’s simple yet clean design and promotion of its betting and casino and, after years, they’ve produced a very solid Bitcoin gambling experience. Continue reading our Anonibet review to get the full rundown.


Established in 2011

Sportsbook & casino

Live betting

Casino bonuses available


Only 1 sportsbook bonus available

Bitcoin oriented

Anonibet is one of the originals in the Bitcoin gambling space, and that certainly shows in its clean and simple design. There aren’t too many bells and whistles on the site, but there is an ample amount of sports to choose from, and that’s what it’s really all about.

The site is very much inclined to more experienced bettors and Bitcoin owners. There is no information about how sports betting works or any sort of “get started” guide. The same can be said about Anonibet’s acceptance of Bitcoins as well. There is a link at the bottom of the homepage, but otherwise the site assumes that you’ve arrived with a few Bitcoins already in your wallet.

Anonibet Homepage.
Anonibet Homepage.

Event Coverage and Live Betting

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of sporting events to wager on, then Anonibet has you covered. From soccer to basketball to MMA to volleyball, Anonibet has every sport you could imagine. Also, if you’re so inclined, there is the ability to bet on the FHM Sexiest Woman of 2015 competition…

The various sports are very easy to navigate, allowing for easy and direct access to the actual betting. Clicking on the basketball tab on the sidebar will take you to a list of the major basketball leagues that Anonibet covers and from there you can navigate to one or more specific leagues and be directed to the matches to bet on. The site also includes a lot of in-play or live betting options on different sports so you can bet during the action.

There is no shortage of events to choose from, and with all of the coverage and information given with each one, it’s easy to spend plenty of time wagering on Anonibet.

Bonuses and Promotions

The majority of Anonibet’s promotions are provided from the casino side of the website, but there is still a very enticing sportsbook bonus. For each deposit you make, you receive a 10% instant deposit bonus. There is no limit for this bonus.

Anonibet Promotions.
Anonibet Promotions.

Lines and Spreads

Looking at the lines for Anonibet, there’s one factor that immediately stands out – the fractional points for each spread. Taking soccer’s English Premier League for example, other sites offer numbers like 4 and 2 for the spreads of each side. However, Anonibet breaks down each match to a point where it presents spreads such as 1.80 and 3.35 for a soccer match. This makes it feel a lot more authentic and that the spread is representing the team with some research put into it. It’s definitely a plus for the site.

Secondly, each match as a little number next to it representing the amount prop bets that exist in addition to each side winning or the tie category. Since it’s a separate link Anonibet gives you the option of a casual win/lose type of wager or to enter into the prop bet page and see what other options are available to you.

Additionally, next to the prop number, there is a little graph icon that offers something truly unique. Clicking this icon will open up an entirely new page filled with research and stats to help make a much more educated wager for each matchup. This feature is a game changer considering how at first glance the site seems very simple and straightforward. Now, the bettor is given plenty of information and solid spreads in order to make the best possible wager.

Withdrawals and Payments

Anonibet offers withdrawals within two hours during its regular business hours, and next-day processing for requests submitted overnight. The maximum withdrawal from the site is 500 BTC.

Regarding payments, Anonibet only accepts Bitcoin.


Anonibet may have a simple interface, but after browsing through the sportsbook there is plenty evidence proving its longevity. The site has been around since the beginning of Bitcoin and is still very much thriving today.

The spreads are unique, there is more data and event coverage than you could ever actually go through and every deposit earns you a bonus. Betting on Anonibet is an overall positive experience.






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$100,000 Weekly Giveaway


100 Satoshis no deposit bonus


100% welcome bonus up to 1 BTC