BC.Game Introduces a New Currency

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Apr 13, 2021 and Updated Nov 21st, 2023
BC.Game Introduces a New Currency

B.C Game just introduced a new currency to the mix: BCD (BC Dollar). It’s a special currency launched by BC.Game, designed to consistently match the value of 1 US Dollar. BCD is obtained through the bonuses and can be used to play games, tip, coindrop, and rain. Most exciting is that BCD can be directly exchanged with other currencies through the BCSwap function in your wallet. BCD needs to be unlocked through wager, so here are the details: Unlock amount = wager amount * house edge * 20%. What’s more, BC.Game promises up to 10% annualised rate of return when players store their BCD in Vault Pro. So head over to BC.Games and see what it’s all about. 

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