Brave Browser ICO Offers To Pay Users In Ether For Running Ads

By Amelia Tomasicchio
Published Mar 27th, 2017
Brave Browser ICO Offers To Pay Users In Ether For Running Ads

Brave Browser is an innovative open-source browser that eliminates ads. This is one of the most sought after features that Brave offers to its users. It has done this through a bitcoin payment mechanism that allows users to donate a certain amount to their favorite websites to create an ad-free environment. With this Brave Browser has the potential to increase the speed and the degree to which its system is user-friendly, and now it will move to the next phase of its ambitious project to change the browsing industry. Brave Browser is now working on an ICO that will allow its users to get paid for the ads they choose, through an Ethereum-powered token.

Brave Browser wants to use Ethereum

Using the Ethereum blockchain to reward users who switch on ads, will help create quality content as it enhances the browsing experience. To do so, Brave Browser is launching an Ethereum-powered token that they call the “Basic Attention Token” – or BAT. The token will allow Brave to pay a reward to its users for running ads on one hand, and will create a whole set of statistics for the ads that these users wish to run. The data will be more accurate, and the payment will encourage content creation that fits what the user wants, while paying the user for its feedback. This is a true win-win solution.

How does BAT work?

All this might raise some concerns among security-minded users, especially those who are familiar with how blockchain technology works. That is why Brave Browser took the time and dedication to explain exactly how the BAT will protect user identity while it gives marketers and content producers all its advantages. This is how the Basic Attention Token works:

  • User attention is based on content and ads views and it is measured on duration and pixel viewed in proportion to the content size.
  • When a user decides to view ads, the views will be tracked anonymously on-device and both the users and the publishers will be rewarded with the correspondent amount of BAT based on user attention.
  • Brave Browser tracks information privately. The system doesn’t allow third parties to access the information or exploit it. The private data of the users cannot leave their own device.
  • The system doesn’t allow Brave to track the online activity of its users, which enhance privacy.
  • Anonymity is also a key component of this system.
How Does Brave Browser Basic Attention Token Work
This diagram shows how the Brave Browser Basic Attention Token works to hide the identity of its users. Source:

Brave Browser ICO

Brave Browser will make all of this possible through the launch of an ICO by the end of this year. The funds that Brave will raise will enable it to develop the system further and have enough liquidity to start operating through rewards. The ICO will see 70% of the total amount of tokens go to the investors, while Brave keeps 15% in lockup for a period of 6 months. Brave Browser will use the remaining 15% to reward users, according to the company’s CEO, Bredan Eich.

Another great Blockchain-powered idea

This is yet another great idea that will be possible thanks to blockchain technology. Brave Browser has the opportunity to introduce a revolutionary blockchain element in the browsing market. With it, we might see a shift towards more private browsing, highly customized content and a great solution to the ads that annoy us all when we use the internet. It is definitely an ICO worth following.

Click here to read the Basic Attention Token white paper.