By Jen van Lier
Published Feb 26th, 2019

Hollywood never misses a chance to bring to life what they believe it will look like if aliens were to come down and invade planet earth. Each recreation is more dramatic than the next and they appear to be attempting to outdo each other when it comes to creating the most gruesome alien and this movie was no different. Aliens is a big win slot based on the sequel of the popular film hit ‘Alien’ and is set on the screen on what appears to be high tech navigation technology fit for any military operation. On the reels, you will find a collection of some of the most gruesome and repulsive alien life that you have ever had the misfortune of coming across but land a few of them on the reels, and you will be privy to some big wins.

Reels 5
Paylines 15
RTP 96.4
Scatter Yes
Free Spins Yes
Wild Yes

Take Back What is Rightfully Yours

Every good military plan requires a precise and well thought out plan of action if that mission is to be successful and this slot is no different. Your plan of attack on these reels is set up over 5 reels and has a military 15 paylines on which to win big and take names.

  • The symbols on this epic slot are made up of aliens that come straight out of our worst nightmares and are ranked on the screen based on how they pay.
  • Rather then bonus features this unique game is played, like any good video game, on different levels. The idea, of course, is to destroy the Hive with the grenades before you run out of ammo.
  • Level 1: The Search – On this first level you’ll have to fill up the multiplier meter situated above the reels. This is done by collecting wins which will fill up the meter by as many symbols as were in the winning combo but not including wilds. When the meter is filled, level 2 will be triggered.
  • Level 2: The Encounter – This level will have you playing a marine heading through a darkened corridor and shooting aliens. Each spin rewards you with a guaranteed win that corresponds to the steps along the multiplier meter. After each spin, the marine will shoot some aliens, but your problem is ammo. Ideally, you need to collect ammo from the dead marines lying on the floor, but this doesn’t always happen. If you run out before you reach the end of the multiplier that’s game over. Make it to the end you will enter the hive where all the Biggest wins are scored.
  • Level 3: The Hive – In the Hive, you will find two horizontal reels, one grenade strength reel, and one grenade multiplier. You will get five spins here, and with each spin, a grenade will be hurled at the Hive. The greater the combination of grenade strength and multiplier, the more damage you will do to the Hive. At the same time, you fire a gun which has four ammo clips – when you’re out of ammo that’s game over.

Destroy the Hive and Win Big

This phenomenal Big Win slot by NetEnt will have you constantly coming back for more on your quest to destroy the hive and save the human race from the alien invasion. Great graphics, a unique play and, out of this world wins, rank this game up there with all the best that the slot world has to offer and shouldn’t be missed.

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