DuckDice BTC Lightning Network Payments And Website Updates 

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Sep 15, 2023 and updated Nov 17th, 2023
DuckDice BTC Lightning Network Payments And Website Updates 

The Bitcoin Lightning Network has been a buzzword lingering in the crypto community for years. It was first introduced to the world by Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja in 2016.

Many believed the lightning network would bring new life to Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets as a whole. The lightning network would and does act as a layer 2 that utilizes micropayment channels to facilitate more transactions in a shorter period. The prospects of faster and cheaper transactions had the whole community excited, and still to this day the lightning network continues to assist the Bitcoin blockchain in faster and cheaper payments. 

With the clear benefits, it’s no surprise that renowned gambling platform DuckDice is embracing the speed of the Bitcoin lightning network gambling. DuckDice announced on the 11th of September, 2023 that they had “integrated Bitcoin (BTC) on the Lightning Network”. 

This incredible news means that DuckDice players will have access to even faster and cheaper casino deposits and withdrawals. Just when we thought crypto couldn’t get any better than traditional fiat transactions, the lightning network came in to prove us wrong yet again!

But wait… it gets even better. DuckDice also just recently announced a bunch of brilliant website updates. Players can now view up to 1,000 community chat messages and save their wallet addresses. Players level 60 or higher can claim from the faucet quicker than ever before. Hidden bonuses and betting strategies, you can learn all about their website updates within their blog

DuckDice may be an older player in the space, having launched in 2016, but they continue to prove why they are above the rest. With constant platform updates and a focus on always bringing innovative experiences to their players, DuckDice remains a fan favorite. 

So head over to DuckDice for fast BTC lightning network payments, great games, and a whole world of other incredible features. Want to learn more about DuckDice? Check out our DuckDice review

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