Ongoing ICOs

News, Interviews, and Information about live, ongoing ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) 

Strike Coin ico

Strike Coin

A ROI yielding crypto exchange project

ICO Ends February 24

RightMesh ico


Enabling developers to retrofit existing mobile applications

ICO Ends February 27 ico


3D/VR space cration platform

ICO Ends February 28

Pikcio Chain initial coin offering

Pikcio Chain Pre-Sale

Secure exchange for valuable data assets

Pre-Sale Ends February 28

PayPro token sale


Decentralized financial marketplace

ICO Ends February 28

movement app crowdsale information

Movement App

Monetize your exercise - earn coins

ICO Ends February 28

SyncFab ico


P2P blockchain for the manufacturing supply chain

ICO Ends February 28

Lucyd ico


Blockchain-fueled smart glasses

ICO Ends February 28

WYS Token ico


Blockchain-powered mobile shopping

ICO Ends February 28

Rentberry ico


Decentralized home rental platform

ICO Ends February 28

Blockport token sale


Social crypto exchange

ICO Ends February 28

Crdits ico token sale


A blockchain with its own internal crytocurrency

ICO Ends February 28

blocklancer ico


A platform for finding jobs, hiring, and getting projects done

ICO Ends February 28

Stubba ico


Event ticketing platform

ICO Ends February 28

Gimmer  ico


Automated cryptocurrency trading

ICO Ends February 28

Bankera ico


Banking for the blockchain era

ICO Ends February 29

KYC Legal ico token sale

KYC Legal

Blockchain Identity Verification

ICO Ends March 1

mosaic token sale

Mosaic PreSale

Decentralized market intelligence network connecting ideas, people, and info

PreSale Ends March 2

Squeezer token sale ico

Squeezer PreSale

Helping software developers build apps easily without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure

PreSale Endds March 5

Synapse AI ico

Synapse AI

Democratising AI through data

ICO Ends March 5

Upcoming ICOs

Ceek VR

Celebrity coin cast and smart virtual reality tokens

ICO Ends March 5

Tri Force ico

Tri Force

A decentralised crypto gaming platform

ICO Ends March 6

Dether  ico


Buy Ether using cash and spend it at physical stores

ICO Ends 7 March

token sale ongoing

Serenity Financial

Blockchain escrow for financial and cryptocurrency market / Ethereum

ICO Ends March 7

dogezer ico


A software platform which makes team members investors

ICO Ends March 8

Spade token sale


A decentralized platform for Gaming dApps

ICO Ends March 8

Bergmann os

New Linux-based OS for mining

ICO Ends March 11

Astro game ico

Astro Game

eSports & online gambling platform

ICO Ends March 14

Play 2 Live ico token sale

Play 2 Live

Decentralized video streaming powered by users

ICO Ends March 14

Jury Online ico

Jury Online

The future of dispute resolution 

ICO Ends March 14

shopcorn token sale


The world’s first encrypted currency that is distributed as divided in real time.

ICO Ends March 15

Earth Token ico

Earth Token

Environmental sustainability solutions

ICO Ends March 15

dragon coin ico

Dragon Coin

A decentralized currency for casinos and players

ICO Ends March 15

wepower ico token sale


Green Energy Trading Platform

ICO Ends March 15

Social Media Market ico

Social Media Market

Blockchain based influencer marketing platform

ICO Ends March 16

Odem ico


On demand education marketplace

ICO Ends March 17

FoxKnoxster ico token sale


A crypto community safguarding communicatons and data

ICO Ends March 18

ViMarket coin

ViMarket stage II

Experience virtual ownership before taking real-life delivery

ICO Ends March 19

Taylor token sale


A smart cryptocurrency trading assistant

ICO Ends March 20

Taylor token sale


A one-size-fits-all fintech platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation

ICO Ends March 21

Narrative ico token sale


An ecosystem that rewards content creators, moderators and more

ICO Ends March 22

shping coin


An ecosystem to verify a products authenticity

ICO Ends March 23


Gilgamesh Platform

Knowledge-sharing social network platform 

ICO Ends March 26

Forty seven bank token sale

Forty Seven Bank

Connecting financial worlds

ICO Ends March 31

bittix ICO


Automated Trading on the Blockchain

ICO Ends March 31

BitRent  ico


A platform for investing and monitoring building construction

ICO Ends March 31

ongoing initial coin offering


Creating a balance between an out-of-date financial system and new electronic commerce

ICO Ends April 1

Stamps initial coin offering


Equity token paltform

ICO Ends April 4

Car Vertical ico token sale

Car Vertical

A global and decentralized car history registry

ICO Ends April 5

upcoming icos


Wireless transmission devices for both private and commercial use

ICO Ends April 15

Vinchain token sale


Storing the complete transparency of a vehicle’s history

ICO Ends April 15

aworker token sale ico

Aworker Pre-ICO

Blockchain plaform for the recruitment industry

Pre-ICO Ends May 26

darico ico token sale


Gateway to safer cryptocurrency investment

ICO Ends July 30

live icos


A virtual world bringing the next level of online interaction


ongoing icos


Cryptocurrency mining made easy


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