Roowards: What We Know About The Roobet VIP Program

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Nov 27th, 2023
Roowards: What We Know About The Roobet VIP Program

Personally, we are not fans of invite-only VIP programs. We believe that every player should be treated like a VIP by the businesses they support. But while we don’t like the exclusion, we do love the vague cloud of mystery surrounding the Roobet VIP program. 

We do understand that some casinos want to make their most loyal and high rollers players feel extra special by having an invite-only VIP. But we can’t help but wonder how many potentially loyal players they are chasing away by not rewarding them… However, that is not the point of today’s guide. Today we will be delving deep into Roobets VIP program and letting you know everything you need to, allowing you to see if it is worth hustling for an invite. So let’s dive in. 

How to join the Roobet VIP program

Roobet claims under their FAQ that “Players who meet our criteria will be contacted by a member of our dedicated VIP team”. They do not break down the specifics of what criteria you would need to meet to be eligible for an invite. They however do say that they take all your activity into consideration but above all else value your loyalty. 

These are the “requirements” that potential VIP program players will need to meet:

  • Loyalty: If you have other Casino Accounts, consider making Roobet your primary destination. Loyalty is appreciated above all, and will increase your chances of becoming a VIP.
  • Product: Whether you are passionate about Slots, Live Casino or Crash, using a variety of our products can increase your chances.
  • Activity: Players who frequent Roobet regularly, and enjoy our services responsibly, are in with a better chance of being spotted.

Benefits of the Roobet VIP program

Roobet VIP program 
Roobet VIP program .

The mystery continues as we delve into the benefits of the Roobet VIP program and their Roowards. But we are sure they pack their VIP program full of incredible offerings customized to each player, which is one of the few benefits of an exclusive invite-only program. They even emphasized this by saying:

“We may ask for your hospitality preferences, or if you have any pastimes or hobbies, but this is only because our VIP team really does go the extra mile when looking to reward you!”

But there are some rewards they make very clear, and while some of them may seem quite basic, there are so many offerings that are more than meet the eye. Like “exclusive bonuses” doesn’t sound like much on the surface, but getting to asking your VIP manager for specific bonuses is so powerful. These are some of the basic rewards you can expect from the Roobet VIP program:

  • VIP Personal Account Manager
  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • VIP Events and Hospitality
  • VIP Special Promotions
  • Priority responses to feedback
  • VIP Gifts 

Even more Roowards

While the Roowards are not exactly the same as the VIP program, becoming a Roowards players and climbing the levels will earn you exclusive rewards too. The Roowards is more in line with a loyalty program, where the more you play, the more you earn, and the more you level up. 

By climbing the Roowards ranks, you can unlock exclusive rewards like cashbacks, rakeback, and monthly bonuses. Each reward features its own level that you will need to climb to claim the next level. Each bonus requires you to wager a certain amount before you hit the next level. These are the rewards with how much you need to wager to hit level one:

  • Daily Rakeback: Wager $1,000 for next level
  • Weekly Cash Back: Wager $1,500 for next level
  • Monthly Bonus: Wager $2,000 for next level

Everyone is a VIP at Roobet

While the VIP program might be exclusive, the overall services of Roobet make everyone feel like a VIP. They offer access to thousands of games, some incredible promotions, exciting tournaments, and interesting features like Free Play

Players can enjoy unique proprietary games and play live casino games in Roo’s Lounge. Also, who wouldn’t want to play at the same casino as Snoop Dogg? Overall, even if you don’t make the cut for the Roobet VIP program, you are still getting access to a top-tier crypto casino and sportsbook. Roobet is a fan-favorite platform for so many players, the VIP program is just the cherry on top of an already awesome gambling experience. 

So head over to Roobet right now and see how the VIPs gamble. But before you go, be sure to learn more about this casino in our comprehensive Roobet Review.