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ShapeShift App Review

Adam Davis - June 17, 2015

It’s not very often that a new app is released that has so much going for it on day one. Many times applications are produced to serve a need or as an extension of something we already know, but are unsure how it will translate to mobile devices. That being said, Shapeshift is the latest top Bitcoin app to be unveiled and it looks good. Really good.

Shapeshift is an application that provides the user the ability to seamlessly convert between various cryptocurrencies within the app itself. It is created by a company of the same name ( that provides the same service online), which itself was created by Erik Voorhees – one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin from back in 2011.

shapeshift screenshot

ShapeShift app screenshot

What really sets ShapeShift apart are its two main selling points: ease of use and security. Many have described the new app as being a “cryptocurrency vending machine”. Meaning, it’s as simple as choosing a candy bar or Coke and having it delivered to you. You input Bitcoins and get Litecoins. But the simplicity isn’t the only advantage of the app. It’s also extremely secure.ShapeShift is well aware of the hacks and downfalls of many top Bitcoin exchanges and companies, and has therefore made its security top priority as an outcome of the simplicity. The app never asks you to sign up or input any information. Nor are the coins actually stored in a vault like a bankroll. You simply open the app, send one cryptocurrency and receive another – that’s it.

Simple is the name of the game when it comes to new Bitcoin technology. Voorhees and co. asked themselves what will entice the most people to use their app and begin integrating additional cryptocurrencies into daily life – and the answer they came up with was a lack of bells and whistles. You input a coin and get a product in turn. Yeah, I guess it really is a vending machine.

In fact, one of the main points about ShapeShift that many seem to be glossing over is the fact that it includes 20+ cryptocurrencies. Soon enough, it won’t only be all about Bitcoin – for better or worse (I think better).

Currently, ShapeShift is only available for iPhone – click here to download now.


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