The Lightning Network for Dummies

The Lightning Network was designed to allow for smaller Bitcoin transactions to be carried, potentially solving the problem of transaction scalability.

Easiest Way To Accumulate Bitcoin Before The Halving

With the Bitcoin halving fast approaching, it is time for you to assess where you stand in the market and figure out how to take advantage if you think prices are going to go up

Why Do Bitcoin Prices Fluctuate So Much?

Most people think about Bitcoin as an investment. For them it is important to understand why Bitcoin prices fluctuate so much. Here are some explanations that will lead to a satisfactory answer.

How is Bitcoin Taxed?

Whoever thinks that Bitcoin is not taxable because the government cannot control it, will probably have to face the heavy hand of the government at some point.

Bitcoin White Paper Explained

Millions of people use Bitcoin but not nearly enough of them understand the basic tenets that Satoshi explained on his white paper.

How are Bitcoin Transaction Fees Calculated?

Bitcoin transaction fees are something users tend to take for granted, but how are Bitcoin transaction fee established and why?

The 5 Biggest Bitcoin Scams of all Time

The top 5 Bitcoin scams of all time showing how scammers run diverse schemes targetting people who let their guard down.

Bitcoin Rich List: The Top 10 Bitcoin Holders

We set out to figure out the top 10 Bitcoin holders – those people and organizations who have amassed the vast amounts of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pizza Day and Why It Is Important

How the purchase of two Papa John’s pizzas on May 22nd, 2010, was one of the most important milestones in Bitcoin’s history.

The Best Bitcoin Documentaries

We went through hours of footage to put together a short list of the best Bitcoin documentaries out there.

Tips To Make Money With Bitcoin

For those who wish to do more with their Bitcoin rather than holding onto it, here is a few ideas to make money with Bitcoin.

Can You Buy Bitcoin With PayPal?

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal is not as straight forward as it seems. Here’s what to consider if you are looking to purchase Bitcoin via PayPal.

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