What Is Bitcoin Core?

14 Feb, 2019 | Bitcoin Chaser

Bitcoin Core is a free and open-source software that powers Bitcoin nodes. Other software can power a Bitcoin node, but Bitcoin Core is by far the most popular.

Is Bitcoin Legal and Safe?

12 Feb, 2019 | Steven Gleiser

Our guide to Bitcoin’s legal status throughout the world and how to use Bitcoin safely.

What is Bitcoin’s Genesis Block and Why is it Important?

7 Feb, 2019 | Steven Gleiser

The very first block mined, the Genesis Block is like no other block in the Bitcoin blockchain.

Why Does Bitcoin Have Value?

3 Feb, 2019 | Steven Gleiser

The value of Bitcoin is hard to establish. This is not due to the virtues or drawbacks of the coin but rather a function of how we define value itself.

When Was Bitcoin Created?

17 Jan, 2019 | Steven Gleiser

Bitcoin was created in 2008. But what’s most interesting about the origins of Bitcoin is the 35 years of work that led to the first coin being minted.

Looking At Yearly Bitcoin Lows

7 Jan, 2019 | Steven Gleiser

The obsession with Bitcoin prices can drive people to twist the real meaning of numbers. Looking at yearly Bitcoin lows can warp the way we think about price and shows us that we might not want to think about price at all

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