Bitcoin Articles

In 2008 no one knew what cryptocurrency was. Only a few people were familiar with the concept before Satoshi Nakamoto launched his famous Bitcoin white paper. Now, everyone is talking about Bitcoin, and although more people know what it is and how it works, there are still many out there who don’t. This page is for all those of you who are looking to find information on what Bitcoin is, how it works, how to acquire it and more. If you already know but would like to have another point of reference, then the articles on this page are a great tool for you as well. Go ahead, check it out, and join the Bitcoin revolution!

Losing Coins: How Bitcoin Gets Lost and How Users Can Prevent This

Almost everyone in the crypto-world has heard at least one story about someone accidentally losing their Bitcoin. This happens more often than we might think, and it is not necessarily due to malicious attacks or hacks.

Fintech Startup Wins Major Investors as Customers

For both the small and large investors, it is too difficult to predict how the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum will develop, therefore often results in an investment loss. A remedy to this point is resolved by an innovative fintech startup called Profitcoins.

Women In Bitcoin And The Crypto-Sphere

Half of the world population are women, so why do women only make up 5% of those engaged in bitcoin? We look at the barriers women face in the crypto-sphere, and some women who have broken through despite these.

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