Alternatives: 6 Gambling Sites Like Shuffle

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Nov 13, 2023 and Updated Mar 14th, 2024 Alternatives: 6 Gambling Sites Like Shuffle

Shuffle Casino is a newcomer in the online gambling arena, established in February 2023. Shuffle offers a great collection of cryptocurrency games, a good selection of Sports Betting and eSports games, and some neat original games. Shuffle Casino has a Deposit Bonus and Rakeback features. 

There are currently mixed reviews of Shuffle Casino’s reputation, with mostly good comments from the community and a small number of negative reviews. As the casino matures, it is sure to become one of the top online casino venues, bringing more games into its collection. Many casinos have similar offerings to Shuffle, and we will explore alternative casinos with similar features to help guide you to some great casinos with competing offers.  

Shuffle alternatives

Best for Slots



While Shuffle Casino offers an extensive range of Slot Games on the site, it is hard to compete with the range of slot games available on BitStarz. Shuffle has an excellent range of slots by top gaming providers; however, they do not arrange them by new games, top games and seasonal games like on BitStarz. 

BitStarz menu is accessible, and it is so easy to find what you are looking for. They update the categories constantly, which makes it simple to find games by themes or seasonal topics like Halloween or Christmas games. Shuffle Casino can take a page out of BitStarz book to improve the organization of the slot games on the Shuffle site. 

Visit BitStarz

Best for Crypto



Shuffle Casino has a reasonable selection of crypto games and currently only 12 supported cryptocurrencies. Still, they are no match for BC Game, who provides the best range of cryptocurrencies accepted on an online platform.

BC Game has over 50 supported cryptocurrencies that they accept, and it will take Shuffle Casino some time to match up to the offering of BC Game. Shuffle accepts major currencies like Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Solana and Binance but has a long way to go to reach the range of cryptocurrencies accepted by BC Game. 

Visit BC.Game

Best for Sports Betting



Shuffles Casino has a generous selection of Sports that you can bet on, with a unique NFL 400 Yard cashback guarantee, though they cannot compete with the range of sports that SportsBet offers. 

SportsBet has an extensive range of sports, and their primary focus, as you can tell by the name, is sports betting. SportsBet offers every conceivable sport for players to bet on, while the range at Shuffle seems minimal in comparison.  

Visit Sportsbet

Best for provably fair games



While Mega Dice comes up tops in search results for having provably fair games on its menu, Shuffle has a dedicated page on its website where it explains what provably fair games are and provides a link for players to check the server-side and client-side seed, as well as the cryptographic nonce (the nonce ensures the results of a game cannot be predicted or manipulated)

Assuredly, MegaDice has the best provably fair games, but they do not offer the same transparency as Shuffle Casino offers on their platform. MegaDice would do well to include an easy-to-find page on their website for clients to check the fairness of their games. 

Visit MegaDice

Best for Live Casino

TrustDice Casino


While Shuffle Casino has an excellent range and number of Live Casino games, you will find that TrustDice has an exceptional set-up in their Live Casino. 

On TrustDice, the tabs are arranged by type of game, with menus for Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat and offer Top Picks and a Favourites Tab. All the Live Casino games on Shuffle are mashed together on the page, with only a search option. The other fun feature on TrustDice is a live Chatroom, where you can have conversations with other players that are in the Live Casino. 

Visit TrustDice

Best for Original Games



Shuffle Casino currently has 8 original games, which cannot possibly compete with the Stake Casino Original Games. Stake Casino has over 50 exclusive games that appeal to a wide range of players.

Stake originals include Mines, Limbo, Blackjack, Dice, Plinko, and Crash games designed exclusively for Stake Casino. These colourful originals of popular games, found exclusively on Stake, are simple to play and have information on how to play the games and how to win. Shuffle will have to up its flow of original games to keep up with the Stake selections. 

Visit Stake

Discover Shuffle Alternatives

At Shuffle Casino, you will encounter a fantastic range of slot games, some of which can be played using a range of cryptocurrencies. Shuffle offers a fair range of sports betting options, and its Live Casino has an excellent selection of table games. The transparency at Shuffle is tops, and they have entered the casino arena at a good trot. The original games on Shuffle are currently limited to a few, but in time to come, they will compete with the best in the business.

Exploring the offerings from Shuffle Casino compared to its rivals will give gamblers an overview of the pros and cons of playing at Shuffle and options to explore some of the alternative online gambling sites with better or worse features than Shuffle offers. Get out there and explore the options these casinos and others offer to get the best out of your online gambling experience. 

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