What Does LFG Mean in Crypto?

By Julia Cook
Published Oct 14, 2022 and Updated Nov 8th, 2022

‘LFG’ is a slang term that is used as a rallying cry for cryptocurrency enthusiasts that stands for ‘Let’s [bleep] Go!’

‘Let’s [bleep] Go! (LFG)’ is used in the cryptocurrency community to generate hype around a certain cryptocurrency, NFT or blockchain project or event. It is used to indicate enthusiasm, motivate others or to show impatience.

Some examples of its use include:

  • A HODLer, such as when the price of their favorite crypto is rising significantly and consistently
  • The developer of a blockchain project when hyping progress or a crowdfunding round
  • To hype an NFT. It is usually used by the developer themselves or the marketplace that sells them

Alternative Meanings

‘LFG’ is also an acronym for Luna Foundation Guard. These were the investors who backed the infamous LUNA-TerraUSD pairing. They were a nonprofit group who were responsible for protecting the TerraUSD (UST )peg against the dollar. Unfortunately, they failed, due to the crash caused by a whale who started a run on selling the stablecoin when its value dropped in preparation for the 4pool launch.

‘LFG’ can refer to ‘Looking for Group’ in gaming circles, although it is typically used in MMOs when players are seeking a team to raid with.

‘LGF’ is the name of a Discord group, which stands for ‘Looking for Gamers.’ It is a place where community members can seek out party or team members for various games