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Bitcoin Live Dealers

girl_live_dealerLive Dealers are one of the most popular forms of online gambling with traditional casinos. Now you can access the best live dealer games from around the world with Bitcoins.

Betting on live games accounts for a significant portion of all online betting with favorites being games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat. In some countries there are dedicated TV channels just for live dealers. Online play provides a lot of advantages to offline but it can be a lonely game. Live dealers add the element of real life action and can increase the excitement dramatically.

We expect live bets to grow rapidly in the Bitcoin space and if you haven’t tried it before, now is the time. It also helps to add transparency to the games. This combined with provably fair technology on bets make BTC bettors feel safer than ever before with their coins.


Recommended Places to Play with Bitcoin Live Dealers

These are our top picks for online live dealers with BTC

Play at Bitcoin CasinoPlay at BetChainPlay at Bitstarz


About Live Dealers

Casino live dealers are a new online casino experience. A real human dealer is connected to website users by live streaming video. Users with microphones can converse with the dealer, and dealers can talk directly to users. This is the most realistic possible online casino experience.

In the past, online casinos have relied heavily on random number generators to control their roulette wheels, and computer algorithms to simulate card dealers.
It sort of works, but it never quite simulates the feeling of being inside a casino, dealing with flesh and blood humans. Also, even the best random number generators are still flawed.
Some of the less good ones can be outright broken, tending heavily towards the ends of the number spectrum, ignoring the middle outright.


What makes the Casino Live dealers experience superior to traditional online casinos?

The Casino Live Dealers experience is much more genuine. Instead of a random number generator deciding whether you win or lose, there is a real human operating a real roulette wheel,
or dealing out real cards on a real table. Being able to see the dealer in real time changes the whole experience. Instead of playing a computer simulation of casino games, users are actually participating real time in live games.


Bitcoin live dealer

Bitcoin.io live dealer Maria


Only a few years ago, the idea of Casino live dealers would have been an impossibility. Before the youtube revolution, the technology to stream high quality video just did not exist.
At least, not to a high enough standard to make its use for online casino gaming a realistic option. Today, we are the first generation of internet users to be able to take advantage of this new high definition video streaming technology. The result is a much smoother and in depth experience than traditional online casinos. When it comes to casino games, it seems that there is just no substitution for the genuine human experience!

It’s a fact that traditional online casinos just don’t capture the flavor and texture of the authentic casino experience. It may be dressed up to look like a real casino, but in the back of your mind, you know that it is nothing more than a computer simulation. There is none of the excitement that comes from watching the roulette ball spin around the wheel, knowing that it could land anywhere, but hoping that it lands where you want it to. Random number generators, no matter how excellent they may be, cannot capture the feeling of watching as the wheel slowly stops spinning, and the ball settles into the winning number.

So why should you be willing to settle for less than the authentic casino experience?

Computer simulations just don’t do the job as well as real, human dealers. In the modern times that we find ourselves living in, the technology exists to have a dealer place cards
on a table for online casino users to see in real time, and in high definition.

The future of gambling is here, and there is just no reason why you should settle for anything less ever again.


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