Major League Baseball: Best MLB Crypto Betting Sites

If you’re looking for places to bet on MLB with crypto, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’re here to bring you the best MLB betting sites.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Jan 19, 2022 and Updated Nov 20th, 2023
Major League Baseball: Best MLB Crypto Betting Sites

The sporting industry is set to reach a global market value of roughly $600 Billion by 2025, making it a very valuable market to get into. Unless you are an athlete, club, or apparel creator, the thought of capitalizing on sports can feel like a dead end. But the sporting road has many twists and turns. One option to capitalize on the billions that go into sports is sports betting. Sports betting has been around for centuries, with origins traced back to 2000 years ago. Sports betting has been a legitimate way of making money and having fun for generations before. Betting in general sometimes gets a bad wrap, although that is mostly on the people who continue to bet past understanding, while sports betting is more technical. Sports betting requires analysis, predictions, and sometimes luck. But there is a much more logical approach when it comes to sports betting. 

Baseball has become a fan favorite among both the sports community and sports betting community. Baseball is as easy to understand as a square, featuring four bases players must get through before they get back to home base, hence a homerun. The simplicity of this sport has gained it some much admiration, purely enjoying the game without all the heavy rules, as well as being able to focus more on the players within the game. 

The MLB, Major League Baseball organization is one of the oldest major professional sports leagues. The league was started in 1869 and has grown in fans significantly in its 150 years of existence. The game of baseball, and its league, have become renowned as one of the best games to bet on. So you may be wondering, where can you place bets on the MLB? Well, we are here to bring you the best MLB crypto betting sites.

We will get into why it is better to bet on MLB with crypto shortly, but before we do, these are the best crypto MLB betting sites:


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100% up to €550


100% up to €1,000


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Why Bet On MLB With Crypto?

Cryptocurrency has proven to be a great asset to the gambling world, providing security and speed like never seen before. Some cryptocurrencies even provide a fully anonymous experience, depending on the information required by casinos. When you bet on MLB with crypto, you are provided instant transfer speeds, whereas traditional banking services can take up to 3 days to process international payments. On top of the speed, the security ensured by Blockchain technology adds an additional layer of protection that can not be beaten. 

Aside from the more basic benefits offered by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there is far more under the surface. Its decentralized nature means your account can not just be frozen by your bank because they, or your government, do not approve of gambling. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also have competitively low transaction fees compared to banks, or middleman platforms, meaning you get to spend more of your money. These, and many more, reasons show why cryptocurrencies have taken over the casino industry. Another unspoken benefit when you bet on MLB with crypto comes from the casinos. Because they are using more advanced technology, they are expected to apply that same excellence to their platform, security, and provably fairness of their games. 

Cloudbet’s baseball betting section.

More About Baseball Betting

Unlike more sports betting which is based on a points system, baseball is generally reliant on a money line. You may be able to bet on prop bet or run line, but these are not usually supported by all betting sites, and the same can be said for bitcoin and crypto MLB betting sites. Just because it is unpopular, doesn’t mean it is unavailable altogether. There are always options out there. The 5 other markets for baseball betting are point spread, over/under, run lines, long-term bets, and outright bets. But to break down the money line betting, the basics entail that you choose between who wins. You can either choose the fan-favorite, or the so-called “underdog”. You are likely to earn less on the fan-favorite as the prize pool is usually more saturated, whereas winning on an underdog bet can be extremely profitable. Regardless, you obviously want to win, we are just giving you a better idea of what to expect when cryptocurrency MLB betting. Now that you understand the more simple side of MLB, let’s take a look at some recommended community tips and tricks:

  1. Take advantage of the underdog bets
  2. Stay away from big fan favorites 
  3. Check out the wind reports and if they favor your teams’ side
  4. Find out if the umpires are lenient 
  5. Do your own research 


Is baseball the easiest sport to bet on?

The usual moneyline betting scheme does prove to have many advantages, not having to bet on points or runs, but the moneyline isn’t the only way to bet. Community sentiment shows it is easier than most due to smaller house edges and more predictable futures outcomes.

Is it safe to place sports bets with crypto?

Yes! Cryptocurrency ensures more layers of safety than traditional options through its incorruptible ledgers. Cryptocurrency is your safest bet when it comes to gambling, the only security you have to worry about is the casino.

What is the best online sports betting site?

That depends on what you are looking for in a sports betting site. There are many factors to consider such as currency options, sport events options, and betting options. Out of all the best MLB bitcoin betting sites, Stake has been praised the most.

How do you bet on sports with Bitcoin?

It’s easy! Just like you would with any other casino, you make a deposit from your crypto wallet into your casino account. It is fast and secure. From there you just place your bets like you normally would and watch the wins roll in.

How do you bet with Bitcoin on UFC?

Firstly, you will need to find a cryptocurrency sports betting site that offers bets on the UFC event. You will then need to create an account and deposit funds to bet with. You can then start betting on the UFC with bitcoin.