Earn Free Crypto With BetFury Boxes

Everything you need to know about BetFury boxes and how to claim your free crypto daily.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Sep 6, 2022 and Updated Nov 20th, 2023
Earn Free Crypto With BetFury Boxes

Cryptocurrency faucets are a long-lived and loved tradition in the blockchain community. Crypto faucets can be understood as a rewards system of sorts, allowing users to claim free crypto for completing tasks. These tasks can be as simple as clicking a claim button or completing a CAPTCHA, or as complex as playing a game, but free crypto is guaranteed.

Crypto faucets back in 2013 used to give away as much as 5 BTC per 15 minutes, but as the price increased, this became unsustainable. Many crypto faucet websites could no longer afford to keep this tradition going, but some prevailed, offering smaller amounts. Free crypto is free crypto and we appreciate the sentiment nonetheless. 

BetFury is one of the few platforms still providing crypto casino faucets, in the form of free crypto boxes. They go above and beyond in ensuring their users get that old-school experience with some new tokens. This casino is known for rewards, and these faucets are no different. But we are not here to hype up BetFury, you can read more about them in our casino review; here we will be looking at how you can earn free crypto from BetFury faucets. 

Everything You Need To Know About BetFury Boxes

BetFury casino boxes

BetFury expands on the history of BTC faucets by offering more. Aside from offering a Bitcoin faucet, users can also claim free crypto in the form of BNB, BABY, BFG, and FUNFURY. It is to be noted that BFG and FUNFURY are the native tokens of the BetFury platform, and hold great utility within the casino.

Users can claim free crypto every 20 minutes, all you need to do is complete a CAPTCHA. It’s as simple as selecting some images, then you can claim your free crypto. Each value differs, but we aren’t complaining. Let’s take a look at how much you can earn from each faucet. 

  • BTC Faucet: 1.25 Satoshi tokens every 20 minutes, with a total daily profit of 0.00000089 BTC. 
  • BNB Faucet: 0.00000137 BNB tokens every 20 minutes, with a total daily profit of 0.00009900 BNB. 
  • BABY Faucet: 0.00555555 BABY tokens every 20 minutes, with a total daily profit of 0.4 BABY.
  • BFG Faucet: 0.0250 BFG tokens every 20 minutes, with a total daily profit of 1.8 BFG.
  • FUNFURY Faucet: 100 FUNFURY tokens every 20 minutes, with a total daily profit of 7200 FUNFURY. 

These rewards may not seem like much at first, at least to the untrained eye, but over a few days, you can significantly grow your crypto portfolio for free. These funds can also be used within the casino to play games or to partake in our BetFury rewards features for additional benefits. But there are more free crypto boxes at BetFury casino. 

Buy Free Crypto Boxes At BetFury

BetFury also allows you to buy free crypto boxes, referred to as “Deposit Boxes”, where you can boost your profits by up to 100%. You can choose the percentage that you’d like to receive as well as the number of days it is claimable. In addition to the 5 free crypto boxes, you can choose between 5 deposit boxes. 

The method remains the same, you can continue to claim from these boxes every time they fill up. But again, the percentage you can claim and for how long depends on your selected parameters. Deposit boxes you can buy include: 

  • UNI
  • CAKE
  • ZIL
  • LINK
  • CHZ

Keep in mind these crypto deposit boxes and their prices, plus rewards, vary. BetFury is dedicated to introducing new exclusive offers as often as possible. So be sure to keep an eye on the BetFury faucet page for new boxes being released frequently.

How To Earn Crypto On BetFury Casino

Users can also earn even more free crypto through the BetFury faucet referral program. Users can earn up to 20% for each referral withdrawal from the free crypto boxes. The more users you invite, and the more crypto they claim, the more profit you make.

Users can also claim free crypto from the Fury Wheel, a wheel of fortune style games, with prizes going up to 1 BTC. BetFury doesn’t stop there, if you continue to claim FUNFURY tokens from the free crypto boxes or the Fury Wheel, they can use said crypto within the FUNFURY competition. Use your FUNFURY tokens to play BetFury games and reach the top position, where you can win your share of crypto prize pools.

BetFury brings you the best in rewards through and through, and these are just a few examples of what they have on offer. They also have an incredibly lucrative VIP program, cashback bonus, and rakeback bonuses. With a wide range of cryptocurrency payment methods and thousands of games, BetFury is the casino that keeps on giving.