Cryptography Takes Over The World Of Art

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Jun 6, 2016 and Updated Jun 21st, 2022
Cryptography Takes Over The World Of Art

The bitcoin and blockchain revolutions have brought the science of cryptography to the fore. Ever since the world’s first cryptocurrency rose to prominence, cryptography has captured the imagination of many industries and sectors. The world of art is no exception. A designer named Stef Lewandowski and a contemporary artist named Elizabeth Barile-Page combined forces to create art that hides your secrets in plain sight. It was a challenging exercise, since they had to encrypt messages using shapes and colors that would appeal to the public looking to use it for decorative purposes as well as to keep their secrets safe.

Finding the Sweet Spot

Lewandowski and Barile-Page clearly succeeded in finding the balance between the brainy, dull science of cryptography and the colorful, expressive world of art. They created an art-driven code for every character needed to encrypt a message, in such a way that anyone can go into their website and create an encrypted message that doubles up as a work of art – or a work of art that doubles up as an encrypted message. The images that their encryption system creates, are pretty refined and very appealing.

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This is our very own piece of cryptographic art. To decode it, use the password “chaser” and follow the instructions given at

Creating Collaborative Encrypted Art

Thanks to the system they created, encryption turns into a form of personalized art as well. Anyone can create their own encrypted message using the tools on the website. This puts the user at the center of the artistic process, just like bitcoin does when it comes to transactions. Depending on the message every person encodes, the work of art will look different. This also allows the user to collaborate with Lewandowski and Barile-Page in the creation of a unique piece of art.

Breaking Down Artistic Barriers

The project also allows for art to become more popular. Cryptographic art such as this, allows users to share a message with the world without being fine art connoisseurs or art history academics. Whatever people want to express through art, they can encrypt and then share the password to convey the message. This has the potential to draw more interest in art as well as cryptography.

Final Thoughts

Projects like these serve to challenge paradigms about art as well as the idea that the realm of cryptography belongs to a minority of skilled mathematicians and computer scientists. Art can be the medium of expression for anyone just as cryptography can be conveyed to everyone. Hopefully, projects like these will open more opportunities to get more and more people interested in both worlds. It may even benefit the world of cryptocurrency by showing the developers how to create their altcoins and blockchains in a visually appealing and artistic fashion.