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In the most basic terms, an ICO airdrop is when a company launching an initial coin offering or token sale offers up some of its tokens or coins to the cryptocurrency community for free or in return for the completion of small, simple tasks.

Some airdrops only require no more than an email, name, and wallet address. These are completely free. Others may ask for small tasks to be completed, such as sharing content on social media, attaching the ICOs information to a forum signature, or answering a questionnaire.

Why have an ICO Airdrop

Airdrops have real value to ICOs for a number of reasons. For one, it draws attention to a project which it would otherwise not have received.

Secondly, it forms a foundation of early adopters – people who are invested personally in the project and thus have an inherent loyalty to its success.

And thirdly, airdrops ensure that an ICOs tokens are owned by a wider pool of crypto enthusiast rather than just a small section that may invest in an Pre-ICO. This can contribute positively to the stability of a token.

For an ICO, perhaps without a sizeable marketing budget, a token airdrop is a risk-free way of raising awareness and encouraging engagement with the community while at the same time gaining promotion in return. More just a giveaway then, for ICOs airdrop are an effective marketing ploy.

Where to Find ICO Airdrop

Sometimes airdrops really do fall out of the sky and announced suddenly. Other times they are announced in advance.

You can see ICOs that offer airdrops on our list of ICOs.

One of the best places to scan for airdrops is on BitcoinTalk forum. (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=159.0 announcements (altcoins) board. To access the announcements section of the forum you will have to open an account. but it is a common place to read about upcoming and ongoing airdrops.

Another good way to get word of airdrops is to sign up for project newsletters.When browsing a list of ICOs – if you see one that is of particular interest then proceed to their website and request email notifications whenever they have an accounemnt. If they do have one, you will be among the first to hear about it.

A third option is searching on social media. The searching, for example, #airdrop on Twitter will return a few options.

There is even now websites dedicated to airdrop announcements, such as https://airdropalert.com/

So keep your eyes peeled for the next ICO airdrop.

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