Anonymous Player Hits $240,000 Jackpot at Shuffle: Inside the Win

An anonymous player has landed a 1,000x multiplier on Plinko at Shuffle, turning a $240 bet into a whopping $240,000 win.

By Dianne
Published May 13, 2024 and Updated May 29th, 2024
Anonymous Player Hits $240,000 Jackpot at Shuffle: Inside the Win

Today, we at BitcoinChaser bring you the latest buzz from the online crypto casino industry, as excitement mounts following a thrilling tweet from Shuffle. The tweet, posted earlier today, Shuffle, an online crypto casino and betting site, announced a game-changing multiplier feature that has sent shockwaves through the community.

Shuffle, presents their Original Plinko, a modern twist on the classic game. Players drop a disc down a pegged board, aiming for a high multiplier slot.

Recently, an anonymous player landed on a 1,000x multiplier, turning a $240 bet into a whopping $240,000 win. This win, shrouded in mystery, adds appeal to Shuffle’s reputation for delivering lucrative gambling experiences.

However, the excitement doesn’t end there. A subsequent comment by Shuffle reveals a groundbreaking promotion that promises to elevate the wagering experience to new heights. Introducing the Raffle Ticket Booster, Shuffle entices players to sign up and participate in a weekly raffle with a massive $20,000 prize pool.

The promotion offers players the chance to earn 4 times the usual number of raffle tickets by wagering with $SHFL (Shuffle Token). For every $1,000 wagered on the casino and sportsbook, players 1 raffle tickets for the $20,000 Weekly Raffle. However, by wagering $1,000 USD in $SHFL, players can earn an impressive four raffle tickets, quadrupling their chances of winning. 

Moreover, this $20,000 Weekly Raffle features an enticing prize pool, with 20 lucky winners each receiving $10,000 USD. To participate, players simply need to wager on the casino and sportsbook, accumulating tickets for their chance to win big. The draw takes place every Friday at 7 am UTC, with winners announced live on stream on Shuffle’s Kick account.

Win Big with Shuffle’s Promotion

The promotion is open to all players, offering an equal opportunity for everyone to participate and win exciting cash prizes. With the addition of the Raffle Ticket Booster, players have even more incentive to engage with Shuffle’s diverse range of casino games and betting options.

So, if you’ve been searching for a reason to experience some online gambling entertainment, look no further than Shuffle’s promise of hefty multipliers and generous rewards. With the Raffle Ticket Booster in full swing, there’s never been a better time to test your luck and see if you have what it takes to turn up victorious in the world of online gambling.

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