Quiz: Which Cryptocurrency Were You In High School?

High school students jumping on stairs

Cryptocurrency is all about software, numbers, and security. But let’s skip past that, and get into the fun side of crypto. Let’s pretend each cryptocurrency has its own personality, and that they’re in high school. Let’s pretend you were one of those cryptocurrencies in high school. How would you know which you were? Well with a cryptocurrency personality quiz, of course!

Answer the questions below to find out which cryptocurrency you were in high school.

What type of school did you attend?

What was your social status?

What was your favorite subject?

What was your extramural activity?

What would you or your partner wear to prom?(Men)

What would you or your partner wear to prom?(Women)

What career day station would you choose?

What was your grade average?

What stationery did you use?

Mostly A's

You are Bitcoin!

Strong, independent, and a person of the people. People adore you for your charisma and power, although you may not see what all the fuss is about. You may be the jock of the cryptocurrencies, but you use that power for good. You didn’t know you were great from the beginning, but after so many people have tried to tell you, you now see your worth in the present and future. Plenty of scholarships and voted prom king/queen.

Mostly B's

You are Ethereum!

Logical, unique, and innovative. You find yourself being recognized for your wits, rather than bragging about your wits. Everyone loves the smart kid, as you likely helped most of them do their homework. You see the bigger picture and are likely to be a big part of the future. You found strength in learning from those before you, but bettering that knowledge and yourself. Maybe not voted prom king/queen, but definitely voted most likely to succeed.

Mostly C's

You are Litecoin!

Smart, resourceful, and all about improving. You may seem like an average person, and maybe you weren’t as gifted as everyone else, but underneath that is a strong will to grow and improve. You were a part of every brainstorming discussion, and never got the credit you deserved, but continued to give input. You may not look the best, be the smartest, or the most sporty, but you’re an all round good at everything guy/gal. Voted best celebrity look-alike.

Mostly D's

You are Dogecoin!

Weird, funny, and deceptively intelligent. You’re always the first to crack a joke, even in inappropriate times, but beneath that is positive intent. You may be a little insecure about your personal assets, and use humor as a way to give yourself worth. But you are smarter than you know. You’re a live in the moment type of person and aren’t sure about what the future brings, you’re here for a good time, not a long time. Voted most likely to visit Mars.