SX.Bet Review


Previously recognized as SportX, SX.Bet was founded in 2019 and has been a strong contender in the sports betting space since. Signing up is as simple as entering your email and confirming your account activation. Additionally, you must later confirm your username, country of residency, as well as your date of birth. You are also able to sign up and log in by connecting with your MetaMask or WalletConnect accounts. Let’s see what you will have access to once you create an account on SX.Bet.

Sports & esports betting

This betting site brings you the weird, the wonderful, and the rewarding. Categories you can bet on include: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball, MMA, Racing, Daily Parlays, Crypto, and Politics. Unfortunately, they have yet to offer esports options, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be available in the future.

Within each category, there are a variety of events and leagues to choose from. If you want to bet on Football, you can choose from leagues such as NFL, NCAAF, and CFL. If you are more of a Political bettor, then be sure to wager your odds on the US Midterms. The most interesting category to us is the Crypto option, where you can predict and bet on whether a cryptocurrency will go up or down the set price range. You can bet on the price of BTC and ETH.

Overall this betting site offers a great variety of sports and miscellaneous options. They offer plenty of categories to choose from and an expanding range of events and leagues within each category. A great sports betting site all-round, but the addition of esports betting would make it even better, just a note for the future.

Payment methods

We have some good news, SX.Bet has no minimum deposits. Meaning you can put whatever value within the betting site and start playing ASAP! Making use of the Polygon blockchain and the SX Mainnet, SX.Bet is strictly a cryptocurrency betting site, ensuring faster, cheap, and more secure transactions from anywhere in the world.

Don’t own the accepted cryptocurrencies? Don’t worry, you can purchase USDC using partners such as PayTrie, MoonPay, or Ramp. You can also use partners like SX Swap, Bitfinex, and Ascendex to acquire SX. You can also use the onsite bridging and swapping tools to convert cryptocurrencies. SX.Bet accepts these cryptocurrencies:

    • USDC

    • WETH

    • SX

    • WSX

The native token, SX, is the main driving force of the platform. You can stake your wrapped SX tokens to reduce your betting fees, enjoy governance benefits, and earn daily rewards. Their staking program offers a monthly yield of 1.17% and a yearly yield of 14.25%


SX.Bet does not offer your traditional bonuses and promotions, which is not uncommon for sports betting sites. But they do offer some great opportunities for their players to win or earn rewards. Starting off with their tournaments, you will be able to compete with other SX.Bet players to find the best bettor and win big cash prizes. Will the best bettor be you?

Entering is as simple as choosing a tournament to join, betting on the SX.Bet exchange, and receiving your prizes if you are a winner. The tournaments alternate depending on what sporting events are taking part. For example, the FIFA World Cup tournament runs for 28 days and is a return-style event. Users must make a minimum of 5 bets to qualify for their share of $20,000.

Additionally, players can enjoy the great earning potential offered by the SX.Bet staking program. Players can enjoy reduced betting fees, governance benefits, and earn daily rewards. Staking WSX tokens can yield monthly and yearly returns of 1.17% and 14.25% respectively. Maybe not the most traditional gambling rewards and promotions, but lucrative nonetheless.


Customer support is limited when it comes to this betting site, although they offer the most important feature. SX.Bet offers a live chat customer support service, allowing users to directly contact the site of representatives with any questions or issues that need resolving.

You can also make use of their help section, allowing you to browse through their answered FAQ section.

Upon making use of the live chat service, we were pleasantly surprised at the quick and informative responses we received. Every question was answered promptly.

Live Chat
FAQ Section

Why play at SX.Bet?

If you love sports betting and nothing else, then this is the betting site for you. While SX.Bet puts its focus on clean and easy sports betting, they go the extra mile in providing its users with a fun and user-friendly platform to enjoy. Chat in the community live chat to discuss your wins and losses with the friends you make along the way. Enter the plentiful tournaments offered by the platform and stand a chance to win massive cash prizes.

Alongside the large variety of betting options, users also have a chance to earn additional funds through the SX.Bet native token staking program. Reduce your betting fees, take over with governance, and earn daily rewards for simply staking your tokens.

The site is easy to navigate and offers a comprehensive FAQ to help guide you through any questions or issues you may have. Otherwise, you can reach out to the site via their live customer support chat for additional resources and assistance. Overall this betting site brings you great sports betting, and crypto betting, options in a safe, secure, and fun manner. Check out SX.Bet for yourself, and don’t forget to stake some tokens for extra rewards.


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