KryptoGraphe App Review – Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager

3 Jul, 2018 | Kirsty Gordon

KryptoGraphe is a free iOs and Android mobile app which can be used as a Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager to manage your cryptocurrency trading and investments.

Blockchain & Family Trees

28 May, 2018 | Kirsty Gordon

A hot topic in the news recently was the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In most relationships, people want to make sure they...

Goldman Sachs Launches Stablecoin Tied To USD

22 May, 2018 | Kirsty Gordon

Goldman Sachs is just the most recent bank trying to coopt the cryptocurrency revolution, launching a USD-based stablecoin for the sake of putting financial products on smart contracts

Australia Bans Cash Payments Over $7,500 USD

14 May, 2018 | Kirsty Gordon

From France all the way to Australia, governments are keen on limiting the use of cash. They might get to a point where they ban it altogether, which has an adverse effect on individual freedom and possibly cryptocurrency adoption

Blockchain Hotel’s Crypto Tech Meetup

11 May, 2018 | Kirsty Gordon

The Blockchain Hotel is a great place to stay in Essen, germany. It has all the ammenities of a hotel and it hosts numerous events related to cryptocurrencies like the Blockchain Tech Crypto Meetup

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