Wen Monthly: Stake Monthly Bonus

Recieve a free bonus from Stake once a month just by playing. The catch? The bonus and the day it is awarded are a mystery.

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Jul 15, 2022 and updated Jan 20th, 2023
Wen Monthly: Stake Monthly Bonus


Monthly bonus
On a random day of the month

Stake’s wildly popular Monthly bonus sees all players on Stake rewarded with a mystery bonus on a random day of the month. The bonus takes the form of a coupon or reload bonus, and rewards activity at Stake.

The more you wager and the higher your VIP level, the greater the bonus you receive. Stake Monthly is by far the most unique crypto VIP casino programs we have come across.

How to Claim Stake’s Monthly Reward

In order to be eligible for this bonus you must:

  • Have a verified email address
  • Be subscribed to Stake emails

Stake informs all users who receive the Monthly bonus via email, and sometimes this email will contain a link to activate the bonus. So it is important to double check you are receiving emails from Stake.

The value of the bonus depends on your VIP level at Stake as well as recent wagers. Starting from the Bronze VIP level, even new players will receive the free Monthly bonus. But the more active you are, the greater the rewards. So as you wager and climb the VIP ranks, your bonus will also increase.

The actual value of the bonus changes month to month, and player to player, but the two main signals Stake take into account when calculating the Monthly bonus is a player’s VIP level and their recent wagers.

When is Stake Monthly Awarded?

The monthly bonus is sent out to all users on a random day of the month. This is another reason to make sure you are receiving emails from Stake so you do not miss the big day.

Type of Bonuses You Can Earn

The Monthly bonus takes the form of a coupon or reload bonus. Like the day it is sent, the type of bonus is a secret only Stake knows.

If that month’s bonus is a coupon, you can claim it through a link in the email.

But most of the time, according to Stake, it is a reload bonus. To activate the reload bonus you need to go to the VIP section of your account, where you will see the active bonus.

Bonus Details

Casino Stake
Bonus Type Reload
Players Eligible All players

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