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Madder Scientist Slot Review


Take a trip to an out of this world laboratory straight out of any science nerd's wildest dream and meet the madder scientist on his quest to take science as far as it can possibly go. The opening sequence is of movie quality and tells a story worthy of any Pixar movie. Set at the control center of the lab the reels of this quirky slot are placed into the computer screens with the madder Scientist typing away furiously in the bottom left corner. The graphics and sound effects are exceptionally executed making this game an authentic and thrilling experience, and with some magic creations will have you smiling all the way to the bank. A special mention should be made for the decorative control panel on this game, it blends in seamlessly and adds to the visual appeal of the game.

madder scientist slot

Madder Scientist Slot Details

Free Spins

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Madder Scientist’s Rules on the Reels

Any good scientist knows that while bending the rules makes for new discoveries, you must know what those rules are. This wacky experiment takes place over 5 reels and 30 paylines and provides ample opportunity for success with a few twists and turns along the way.

  • The Symbols on the reels are made up of an array of chemicals, a rabbit, an assistant and the scientist himself and are joined by a selection of special symbols.
  • The carrots bonus symbol will start a break-out bonus game when 3 appear anywhere on the reels. The carrot bonus takes you to a second screen bonus where you will choose one of 3 beakers with colored chemicals over 2 rounds. Each will award credits. After this, you then go to a sequence where the scientist mixes these and turns a carrot into gold or gelatine. You get a total of credits depending on how he does.
  • The wild switch makes one of the reels wild in a different bonus. During this bonus 3 Switch symbols make one of the reels go entirely wild, while you enjoy 5 respins. Any more switches appearing on the reels add 1 more spin to your total.
  • ¬†3 chemical beakers anywhere on the reels and an on-reel mini-game are triggered Click-me appears on chemical beakers which appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. You click them to reveal a prize, and then keep on clicking until the word collect appears.
  • The most unique feature on this fun came is the ability to respin individual reels. ¬†After you spin, you will be given the chance to respin. Each reel has an arrow and respin sign on it, and when you hover over the reel, you will see a cost of respinning. The cost depends on your winning chances and goes from 1 coin and up. You can keep on respinning, which adds an exciting new element into the gameplay.


Mad Experiments and Madder Wins

This extraordinary 3D video slot by BetSoft will be sure to bring out your inner science nerd and have you geeking out over all the bonuses and unique features. With an array of exceptionally well animated and endearing characters to keep you company and cheer you on you will be smiling ear to ear as you collect some hefty wins.

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