Beginners Guide: How to Play Dice

Discover the best strategies, tips, and top platforms to roll the dice and maximize your Bitcoin winnings.

By Jade Kyra
Published Jul 25, 2023 and updated Nov 20th, 2023
Beginners Guide: How to Play Dice

Dice games are some of the most beloved gambling activities in the world, and no, Monopoly is not tied into that category. Dice gambling does not refer to one game, but rather a variety of games with a common denominator, with that being dice.  

Do you want to know how to play dice? What types of dice games there are? And strategies for dice gambling? Then you came to the right place. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about how to play dice. So let’s get rolling and dive into everything dice gambling. 


The oldest dice ever excavated are believed to have been found in South-Eastern Iran, in the Burnt City, and are estimated to be from 2800 and 2500 BC.

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Aim of the game

The aim of the game differs from dice game to dice game. However, more often than not the goal is to correctly predict what the outcome of the next dice roll will be, it can be one single die at a time, or multiple dice at once. One thing is for sure, the better you are at predicting what will happen on the next roll, the more you are going to be walking away with.


Most believe that the oldest origin of gambling with dice can be traced back to when the Roman soldiers invented the game of craps in the 12th century. Others predict that dice gambling originated from the Arabic dice game called Al Dar, which means “dice” in Arabic.

Step-by-step dice gameplay

Again, it is hard to lock down one specific way to gamble with dice as there are quite a few varieties. But as a general rule of thumb, we will focus more on how to get started with dice gambling. We recommend you check out the types of dice games, listed further below, and learn about how to play them specifically before you start gambling. This is how to play dice: 

Find a casino that has a dice game you would enjoy

Browse through our list of go-to dice gambling sites and find a dice game that you feel you would enjoy playing, most casinos should allow you to visit and try different dice games for free before you have to deposit.

Deposit your playing balance into the casino

Most casinos will support various deposit methods, find one that works for you, a good go-to for relatively good network speeds is always Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Select your dice game of choice

After you have successfully deposited, you can navigate back to the dice game you choose in step 1 and begin setting up your first bet.

Set up your first bet

Enter your goal payout multiplier for your first bet, this can be any amount that the game will support, this will influence what range you need to hit in order to win the bet, whether its low or high, a higher multiplier will mean you need to hit a higher or a lower range on the outcome of the roll. You can usually also enter a “win chance” between “0.1% and 99%” to set your payout multiplier automatically.

Place your first Bet

You’re ready to make your first bet! Based on your play strategy, each bet can remain the same or change with every bet, make it your own and go out there to win big.

Start winning and repeat!

Types of dice games

Types of Dice Games 
Sic Bo dice game at BetFury Casino.

There are a ton of different dice games out there for players to choose from and this sheer quantity can be challenging to navigate. To simplify this, here are some general definitions of different types of dice games that you will see present in a lot of the games selections out there:

  • Classic Dice: This game type is simple and fast-paced, players have to predict the outcome of two dice being rolled simultaneously, they can either bet on the sum of the dice together or how many times a single dice face (Number) will appear.
  • Sic Bo: Similar to classic dice, however, there is a third die! In Sic Bo, players will need to correctly predict the outcome of 3 dice being rolled simultaneously in order to win.
  • Craps: This is one of the more complex styles of dice games and involves multiple players betting at the same time, on the outcome of a roll of two dice. There are a lot of different betting options and it is a great dice game if you enjoy a bit more complex gameplay and stakes!

Dice strategies

There are various dice strategies around, for different players, some work better than others, however, there is no guaranteed strategy that will get you that big win every single time, so with that in mind, use the following strategies as a tool in your toolbox and let your wit be the deciding factor at the end of your game.

Here are some strategies you can try out:


A well know strategy to many players, even outside of dice, the martingale strategy suggests a player should double their bet on every loss, ensuring the previous losses are covered on the next bet.

Reverse Martingale

This is the opposite of the Martingale strategy and suggests players should double their bet on every win, hoping to ride the wave of multiple winnings in a row, this would also be complemented with an odds ratio that has you guessing right more than wrong.


This is similar to the Reverse Martingale strategy as it suggests also doubling your bet on every win, on the 3rd win in a row one then returns to the original starting bet size and begins again. This helps you avoid losing all of your winnings in one swift loss.


This strategy is considered one of the safest strategies for dice players, the D’Alembert strategy suggests a player determine a unit of betting, which is essentially an amount of money that is relative to your entire playable balance, for example, if you had $100 as your playable balance, one betting unit would be a single $1. Once you have determined a betting unit, this is your starting bet, if you win, you increase your starting bet by 1 unit, if you lose, you must then decrease your starting bet by 1 unit.

Double your profits on dice

And there you have it, the basics of how to play dice. While we couldn’t cover every variant of dice gambling within this article, be sure to check out our dedicated dice and craps gambling pages to learn more. Before you start, remember to:

  • Practice: The more you play, the better you will become.
  • Learn the rules: The more games you know, the more options you will have.
  • Try different strategies: There is no one right way to play dice, so find what works best for you.
  • Have fun: Dice games are meant to be enjoyed, so don’t take them too seriously.

We hope this guide helped you better understand how to play dice. Now get out there, throw your best hand, and claim those big wins!

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How do you play dice gambling?

That depends, as there are multiple types of dice games. As a general rule, most dice games require players to somewhat predict the outcome of a roll. Some will require you to predict an exact number, while for others you will need to guess whether it will be higher or lower.

What are the rules of dice gambling?

The rules of dice gambling differ from game to game. The rules of craps vs classic dice are different so it is on the gambler to learn the rules for the specific dice game they are playing. Most casinos will provide players with a set of rules to learn from and follow.

What is a straight in the game of dice?

A straight refers to all dice outcomes being different numbers, in contrast to pairs the dice feature matching numbers. So basically, a straight is when a player rolls a different number on all of the dice in use.

How do you win at dice?

Again, this depends on the type of dice game you are playing. Overall, the main aim of most dice games is to predict the outcome of the dice roll.

Can you play dice in online casinos?

Yes! Most casinos offer at least one type of dice game, whereas most offer a few options even. With the introduction of crypto casinos, online dice gambling has never been easier. So find a trustworthy casino you like, choose a dice game, and start winning.