KamaGames Launches 3D Avatars

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Dec 16, 2020 and updated Jan 15th, 2022
KamaGames Launches 3D Avatars

KamaGames players can now take their gambling lives to new heights, thanks to the latest innovation by the brand – Animated 3D Avatars. Players who play on the KamaGames app can now customize their gaming, with lifelike 3D Avatars bringing new life to their gambling experience. 

The move was announced in a tweet on 7th December 2020, when the brand invited players to check out the latest development. The Avatar customization allows players to alter their avatars to suit their own style. Players can create one that matches their preferences, and creates an even more rewarding gaming environment. 

Select one of the 600 avatars, and choose its accessories, wardrobe, hairstyles and more. Once you have selected one of these items, the next move is to choose exactly what you want – in great detail. You can change your hair color and length, as well as the style of clothes you want your mini-me to war. All KamaGames avatars are extremely lifelike – think the Sims! 

When you eventually start playing with your carefully curated avatar, you’ll feel as if you’re fully immersed in the world of KamaGames. 

So, what do you gain from this new development? You have the chance to express yourself through your avatar, and to stand out in the KamaGames community. The avatars can be tailored to your exact preferences, and fit your mood and general vibe. Even when you’re deep in the mode of playing, your avatar will follow suit – moving from table to table, and game to game, as you do. 

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