A New Citizen for Liberland?

By Adam Davis
Published Jun 24, 2015 and updated Mar 3rd, 2022
A New Citizen for Liberland?

A few months back I wrote about the creation of a brand new country within Europe – something that didn’t seem possible – which was based on Libertarian values – also, unique. Well, Liberland is still around and I decided to look into it a bit more. Meaning, I applied for citizenship.

Liberland has seen some ups and downs in its short history and many people around the world consider it a joke due to the lack of support it has received as well as many people’s disagreement with its libertarian views. If nothing else, I’m intrigued by Liberland and considering I have two citizenships (and am halfway to a third) why not add another?

Liberland Map
Liberland on the map

One of the questions in the application process was whether I plan on moving to Liberland after receiving my brand new citizenship. The answer is no, and I wasn’t afraid to state it. That’s because I already moved halfway around the world to settle in a new country, and I also feel like I can be a proud citizen of Liberland without ever visiting. At least from the Bitcoin side of things.

Bitcoin has become a huge part of my life over the past year – so why wouldn’t I support a country trying to implement Bitcoin as its currency?

The registration process was fairly straightforward and simple. It began with signing up to the Liberland website, after which I was presented with a short questionnaire that included questions about my religious beliefs, level of support for Liberland and a section to upload my CV.

Liberland Citizenship Application

After filling out a few yes/no questions I was all set – I submitted the application successfully and received email confirmation. Now, comes the waiting game.

So far the Liberland citizenship process has been smooth sailing and quick. I’m definitely excited to see what happens next and whether or not I will be accepted – and if not, why? If I am accepted, what will that entail? It’s certainly an exciting proposition to join a brand new country, where Bitcoin reigns supreme. You are all invited to join me as I detail the progress of this journey. After all, at Bitcoin Chaser we’re all about chasing the Bitcoin dream… this could be it!