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With an overall market capitalization of $18 million USD, Neutron has been getting some attention as a new generation blockchain platform. Until the most recent market downturn, Neutron’s price was rising. It seems that there is more to this asset than just its intriguing motto of ‘Make Money Holding, Get Smarter Spending, get Richer Teaching’. That is why we decided to take a closer look at this asset and to understand it better.

Neutron: The Basics

Neutron was initially launched in July 2017. Following its relatively stable and successful debut in the market, Neutron launched its cryptocurrency education platform in the form of Neutron Education. Accompanied by its native currency NTRN, Neutron is a platform designed to provide a stable, competitive ROI for cryptocurrency investors looking to hold a coin while educating the masses. The project essentially aims to revolutionize e-learning, giving learners a financial incentive, while providing an education platform, which is currently under development.

The Technical Details Behind Neutron

The technical details behind Neutron are interesting. Here is what we gathered from their Whitepaper – titled Nucleus:

How Does Neutron Work?

The Neutron blockchain operates under a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, as well as a Nucleus Node System developed by the Neutron team. According to their formal documentation, Neutron has been running since 2015, although it took the team a while until they felt ready for launch. The total coin supply at block 10,000,000 will be 68,000,000 NTRN. Current supply is at 33,408,126 coins. According to the Nucleus, there is a dynamic reduction of rewards over time, which by the end of the millionth block will be exactly half of what it was when started out.

While many consider the PoS consensus outdated, unscalable and most of all unsustainable, Neutron feels they have all it takes to change the education system completely with their existing roadmap and technology in place.

Nucleus Goals, Motivation and Future Plans

Neutron has a very straightforward plan, although their revenue model and the profitability of the project are still in question. The ambition behind the project seems to be different than the usual profit-driven models we are used to. Neutron works primarily to achieve greater information flow. The Neutron white paper repeatedly mentions ‘free education’ and ‘community’, highlighting these factors as the key elements in the project.

Neutron E-Learning Platform

By popularizing their e-learning platform, Neutron is planning to create a simple, decentralized interface for teachers which is easy to use in multiple aspects of learning. Apart from the interface, Neutron has ambitions to launch the world’s first Crypto University, aiming to make professionally recognized courses available alongside degree level training in cryptocurrencies. To get anywhere near the goal of bringing crypto education to the masses, Neutron is incentivizing teachers, tutors and key industry figures by promoting their interest in Neutron holdings, which could act as pension funds for instance.

While Neutron is relatively new in the cryptocurrency space, the project may just experience a spike in interest, should the platform promise a chance for a revolutionary change in outdated, centralized education systems. Neutron is part of an emerging cluster of eductional projects based on blockchain technology. How the market will take these initiatives, remains to be seen.

Christian Olio

Christian has been writing about Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies regularly for the past 2 years. He is an avid Bitcoin enthusiast, working in the space in various capacities over the same period of time.

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